‘Castle’ Series Finale: Top 10 Defining Moments for Castle & Beckett

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Will Castle and Beckett’s epic love story end in tragedy when the show comes to an end? (ABC/Byron Cohen)

In the beginning, Det. Kate Beckett wanted no part of mystery writer Richard Castle shadowing her on cases. Their first case together was enough. But with his connections at the New York City mayor’s office, Castle was able to stick around much to Beckett’s chagrin. The ruggedly handsome author eventually brought down her walls that she had built up after her mother’s murder and they fell in love, although it took them nearly four years to get there (Castle a little sooner).

Castle (Nathan Fillion) and Beckett’s (Stana Katic) relationship, better known to fans as Caskett, will come to its conclusion on Monday night when ABC airs the final episode of Castle. The comedic cop drama will finish its run after eight seasons with an alternate, closure-filled ending, filmed if the show was canceled, which it was on Thursday.

See how Castle and Beckett’s love blossomed from day one in our Top 10 Caskett moments.

1. Beckett Teases Castle at the End of the Pilot – “Flowers for Your Grave”

Castle quickly took a shine to Beckett working their first case together. After they caught their suspect, Castle tried to score a date with Beckett before the two part ways. She turned him down and he told her, “It’s too bad. It would have been great.” The detective then took a step toward him and whispered in his ear, “You have no idea.” Cue OneRepublic’s “Stop and Stare.”

The pilot also featured Castle’s near perfect reading of why Beckett became a cop: “… Something happened. Not to you. You’re wounded but you’re not that wounded. It was somebody you cared about. Somebody you loved. And you probably could have lived with that but the person responsible was never caught.”

She would later reveal to him that it was her mother who was murdered, and her killer was never caught. Castle helping Backett solve her mother’s case would destroy their relationship and pull them back together multiple times over the course of the series.

2. Beckett Comforts Castle After 3XK Escapes – “3XK”

Castle realized too late that Jerry Tyson was the real 3XK serial killer, but instead of killing Castle when he figured it out, Tyson let him live as punishment for screwing up his plans. Castle would have to live with the guilt that he could have prevented the next person Tyson would eventually kill if he had only figured out the murderer’s ruse sooner.

Tyson escaped from the hotel where Castle and Det. Ryan took him for protection and there, Beckett found them, Castle tied to a chair and Ryan nearly unconscious on the floor. She did her best to comfort Castle, who felt helpless, with a cup of coffee and letting him know she understood the feeling. She set her hand down on his knee and he slipped his hand into hers, sharing their greatest physical interaction to date.

3. Castle and Beckett Trick a Guard by Engaging in a Passionate Kiss – “Knockdown”

Castle and Beckett needed a diversion if they wanted to get into the warehouse where detectives Ryan and Esposito were being held. The guy guarding the warehouse could see through their drunk couple act and Beckett thought about going for her gun, but Castle had another idea. He grabbed her hand, spun her toward him, and kissed her.

It shocked both of them and whether Beckett wanted more or saw it as an opportunity to turn the guard around, she went back in for another kiss, this time for much longer. The guard eventually turned around to walk back to his post, which is when Beckett spun out of Castle’s arms and dropped the guy to the ground. “That was amazing,” Castle said, trying to play it off as if he were impressed by Beckett’s judo skills rather than their passionate lip lock. He wasn’t fooling anybody.

4. Castle and Beckett Nearly Die Frozen in Each Other’s Arms – “Countdown”

Castle and Beckett have faced many dangerous situations together over the years, but the two nearly lost their lives when they were trapped inside a freezer shipping container. They huddled together to keep warm and in the face of death, Beckett almost told Castle she loved him, but couldn’t get the words out before before she fell unconscious.

They never got the chance to talk about their near fatal experience. When Castle awoke in the back of the ambulance, he looked out the back door to see Beckett standing with her boyfriend, Josh. Their moment had passed.

5. Castle Tells Beckett He Loves Her – “Knockout”

Seconds after a bullet ripped through Beckett’s chest probably wasn’t the best time for Castle to confess his love to her, but it was the moment he chose. As the words fell from his lips, Beckett’s eyes dimmed, leaving him to wonder if she had heard what he said. It left the audience wondering the same thing for the entire summer.

Earlier in the episode, Castle and Beckett finally cleared the air on how their relationship had evolved. He wanted Beckett to stop pursuing the case of her mother’s murderer if it meant she would end up dead too. He feared for his partner. He feared for his friend. But was that all they were, Beckett asked him.

“You know what, I don’t know what we are,” he said, accepting her challenge to define their relationship. “We kissed and then we never talk about it. We nearly die frozen in each other’s arms, but we never talk about it. So no, I got no clue, what we are. I know I don’t want to see you throw your life away.”

Before she kicked him out of her apartment, Castle got in one more shot. “You could be happy, Kate. You deserve to be happy. But you’re afraid.” Another conversation that would be tabled for a later date.

6. Beckett Remembers “Everything” About Her Shooting – “47 Seconds”

During a bombing investigation, Castle walked into the observation room to watch one of Beckett’s famous interrogations, but he learned a lot more than who possibly set off the bomb. The suspect tried to tell the detective that he couldn’t remember what happened due to the trauma of the event, but Beckett wouldn’t accept that answer given her own experiences.

“The hell you don’t remember. Do you wanna know trauma? I was shot in the chest and I remember every second of it,” she said.

Castle couldn’t believe what he heard. “All this time, you remembered?” He spent the next few episodes freezing her out, falling back into his old ways of fast cars and hot girls on either arm.

7. Castle and Beckett Hook Up – “Always” & “After the Storm”

It took nearly falling off a roof for Beckett to realize what she really wanted in life — Castle. After she survived a hitman’s attempt to kill her because she wouldn’t stop pursuing her mother’s killer and quit her job at the NYPD, Beckett sat in the rain and then headed over to Castle’s place to apologize for not trusting him earlier.

“I’m so sorry, Castle. I’m so sorry,” she said as she kissed him. “He got away and I didn’t care. I almost died and all I could think about was you. I just want you.”

It was the moment every Caskett fan had been waiting for and they got their money’s worth. Castle and Beckett shared a passionate make out session in his foyer before retiring to the bedroom where they woke up in the next season premiere. And it wasn’t a dream.

8. Castle Proposes to Beckett – “Watershed” & “Valkyrie”

After their fight the day before, Beckett arrived to the swing set thinking it was over between her and Castle. The tone in his voice as he told her that he wanted more in his life didn’t help matters either until he got down on one knee, pulled out a ring and said…

“Katherine Houghton Beckett, will you marry me?”

Fans had to wait the summer to find out her answer, which was a resounding yes. Beckett had a ring on her finger and was headed to Washington D.C. to take her shot with a federal task force.

9. Castle and Beckett Get Married – “The Time of Our Lives”

Castle and Beckett had planned a big wedding for friends and family at his summer home in the Hamptons, but the groom never made it. He was run off the road and kidnapped. Beckett found his burning car in a ditch and wouldn’t see him for two months until he washed up unconscious in a small boat with no memory of his time away.

The kidnapping and missing two months kind of put a damper on the wedding plans, but the couple decided a few months later to elope, only inviting Beckett’s father and Castle’s daughter and mother to witness him and Beckett finally exchange their vows.

10. Will Castle and Beckett’s Epic Love Story End in Tragedy? – “Crossfire”

Castle filmed two endings for the season eight finale in the event that the show was canceled after shooting the episode. ABC made that decision on Thursday and the last episode of the season will also be the show’s final episode of the series with an ending that provides closure for Castle and Beckett’s epic love story.

Tune in on Monday, May 16 at 10 p.m. on ABC to find out how Castle and Beckett’s story ends on Castle.

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