Children of the Forest on ‘Game of Thrones’: History & Top Theories

children of the forest

Who are the Children of the Forest? How are they so powerful on Game of Thrones? (HBO)

The Children of the Forest are the creatures, who look like children, who rescued Bran from the White Walkers at the end of Season 4. We didn’t see them again until this season, when Bran returned to Game of Thrones and the Children of the Forest returned with him. These creatures have a deep, rich history that extends back more than 15,000 years. Their magic is incredibly powerful and has changed the course of history for Westeros. We’re going to share everything we know about the Children of the Forest, their history and their future, in this article.

This article has major spoilers through episode 5 of season 6, “The Door.” Don’t read on unless you have seen that episode.

Here’s what you need to know.

The Children of the Forest Warred with the First Men 12,000 Years Ago

children of the forest

Children of the Forest with Leaf (HBO)

No one is really sure who the Children of the Forest are, or whether their intentions are good or bad. They’re magical creatures with amazing abilities, and the Three-Eyed Raven resides with them.

When the First Men, the first human inhabitants of Westeros, invaded about 12,000 years ago, they warred with the Children of the Forest, who ruled Westeros with the giants. They eventually made a pact and found peace, converting to the Children’s religion that worshipped the Old Gods of the Forest. The Old Gods of the Forest, according to the Game of Thrones wikia, are nameless spirits whose worship centers around sacred weirwood trees that have faces carved in the bark.

The Children of the Forest Created the White Walkers

children of the forest white walkers


In episode 5, we learned that the Children of the Forest created the White Walkers during the war with the first men. Their sacred trees were cut down and they were being slaughtered, Leaf explained to Bran.

They caught one of the First Men and tied him to a tree. She speared him with something and his eyes turned blue as he was transformed into a White Walker. Unfortunately, it appears they weren’t able to keep control over their creation.

Some speculate that the Children of the Forest may have been created by someone too. Just like the White Walkers seem to be a mesh of humans and ice, with supernatural magical abilities, the Children of the Forest seem to be a mesh of human and weirwood, with supernatural abilities.

The White Walkers Attacked the Children of the Forest 8,000 Years Ago

white walker war


The White Walkers attacked the First Men and the Children of the Forest about 8,000 years ago in a battle called “War for the Dawn.” That’s when Bran the Builder created a wall to keep the White Walkers out. Apparently the Children of the Forest couldn’t keep their own creation under control.

A big fan theory is that the Children of the Forest helped build the Wall that keeps out Winter and the White Walkers. The theory is that the Wall is infused with magic and that’s part of the reason it works against White Walkers. Of course, now that we know they were created by The Children of the Forest, we can see how they could create a wall that could keep them out. But if the defense they built around themselves in Episode 5 could be breached, then so could the Wall.

As for “Greenseers,” these are the wise men of the Children of the Forest. They are wargs who could sometimes dream of the future and interpret those dreams, too. It’s believed that these Greenseers could see and hear through weirwood trees that had faces in them. Bran is likely one of these Greenseers, although it appears that he also has the ability to change and interact with the past.