Does Jonny Drubel Have HIV on ‘#RichKids of Beverly Hills’?

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On the season 4 premiere of #RichKids of Beverly Hills, veteran cast member Jonny Drubel gets startling news that could shake up his entire world. Upon hearing that a former lover of his tested positive for HIV, Drubel confides in friend Morgan Stewart to go with him to the Los Angeles LGBT Center to get tested. Drubel tells the doctor at the center:

I got a text saying that I should get tested because one of my previous partners tested positive for HIV. I slept with someone once with no protection.

Stewart is there for her friend as he struggles to keep his cool through the situation, but don’t worry, our Drubel is okay. But, when he was concerned that he could have contracted the disease, his biggest fear was having to tell his parents.

Upon the airing of tonight’s episode and Drubel’s reveal, Twitter fans have had mixed emotions about Drubel’s experience. Read some of the tweets and Drubel’s responses below.