‘Game of Thrones’: The Pink Letter on the Show vs. the Book

ramsay bolton pink letter

Ramsay Bolton’s pink letter was very different in the show than in the books. Here’s how. (HBO)

A scene in Game of Thrones that book readers have been waiting for happened tonight. But although similar, there were many differences between tonight’s version of a letter that Jon Snow received and what happened in the book. This article will compare the two so you can see for yourself just what those differences were.

This post contains SPOILERS for those who haven’t read the book. There are some major reveals that involve plot lines in the book that are different from the show. So don’t read on unless you don’t mind being spoiled for certain plots in the book. This also contains spoilers through the end of the episode “Book of the Stranger” in Game of Thrones, Season 6 Episode 4.

Here’s what you need to know.

On the show, this was the scene where Jon Snow received a very disturbing letter from Ramsay Bolton. Here’s a video of that moment:

In the book, there were quite a few things about the letter that were very different. Here’s a video where someone reads Ramsay Bolton’s “Pink” letter from the book, in the creepiest voice possible:

You’ll notice a few major plot differences between the book and the show. First, in the book, Mance Rayder is still alive. And in the book, he’s the one that Ramsay Bolton has hold of and is taunting Jon Snow to come and get. In the show, Ramsay Bolton has Rickon instead.

But in both scenarios, Ramsay wants his bride back. That creepiness is well preserved. However, the bride he’s talking about in the book is very different from the one in the show. In the show, he wants Sansa back. In the books, he wants the girl that he thinks is Arya back. But either way, his absolute vileness and creepiness is well preserved in both versions.


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