Hamburger Mary’s Bar & Grille on ‘Undercover Boss’: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

On tonight’s episode of Undercover Boss, Hamburger Mary’s Bar and Grille co-owners Ashley and Brandon Wright work undercover at their LGBT-friendly restaurants. Ashley and Brandon are twin brothers who hope to better run their business by getting a first-hand look at the goings-on. For all the details on Hamburger Mary’s, the lives of the owners and this episode of Undercover Boss, read on below.

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1. Hamburger Mary’s Features Drag Shows

Hamburger Mary’s restaurants serve gourmet burgers and alcoholic drinks in addition to having drag shows and nightly entertainment. And so, Ashley has to learn first-hand about choreography, makeup and presence. He even performs on stage for a crowd.

The brothers each have their own drag alter-egos – Apple Brown Betty and Cherry Pie.

2. One Waitress Is Insulting When Talking About Customers

When the Wright brothers are undercover, a waitress named Tristen, who is giving a rundown on what goes on inside the restaurant, has some negative words to say about the restaurant’s customers. Tristen says, “The customer is not always right, especially here at Hamburger Mary’s.” She also says the customers are dumb. Another thing she says is that she is all about money and always pushes the most expensive drinks on customers.

When Tristen sits down with the brothers without their disguises, they bring in the owners of Tristen’s restaurant location to reprimand her for her behavior. The brothers push for her to get fired, but Tristen ends up on probation.

3. Growing Up, the Wright Brothers Got the Sense that Being Gay Was Wrong

The Wright brothers enjoy making their restaurants an “open” experience with all races, genders, and ages. As they grew up, they felt that others around them thought being gay was wrong. They had each been called “fags” as they were victims of bullying and didn’t come out as gay until college. Their restaurants make it a point to be LGBT-friendly and originally, the guys started out their business with a gay bar. They now have 12 Hamburger Mary’s locations across the country.

4. Menu Items Are Made Up of “Flamboyant” Names

At Hamburger Mary’s, the brothers pride themselves on a “flamboyant” atmosphere, which includes the menu items. Some of the food options include Love Me Tenders, Buffy The Burger Slayer and the Barbra-Q Bacon Cheeseburger. As for their drinks, drink titles include the Bossy Bottom, Skinny Bitch Margarita, and Nice Melons.

5. The Brothers Are Encountered By a Couple On a Time Constraint

When faced with a busy night, the brothers become overwhelmed. A couple comes in that has to go to a concert within the hour and makes sure that this is known. Unfortunately, they don’t get the speedy service they were hoping for right off the bat.

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