Lola Robinson, Stevie Baggs’ Mom: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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Lola Robinson, the mother of Match Made in Heaven’s new bachelor Stevie Baggs, will be a force to reckon with this season on the show. And for the 18 girls vying for a shot at love with the sexy former NFL football player, it’ll be no easy task to impress her. On the season premiere, Lola doesn’t shy away from sharing her opinions of the women with her son, and she makes it clear very quickly that no one’s getting close to Stevie without her approval. So, what do we know about this sassy and protective mother? Read on to find out.

WARNING: this post contains spoilers.

1. She Founded a Nonprofit Organization With Her Son

Sherri Shepherd and stevie baggs, stevie baggs mom, lola and stevie match made in heaven

Sherri Shepherd and Stevie’s mom Lola will be joining him on the show this season. The two are a rambunctious pair, and certainly succeed in stirring up the drama in the house. (Instagram/steviebaggsjr)

In 2003, Lola and Stevie founded a nonprofit organization called CETA (Creating Empowerment Through Autonomy), which provides resources and services for at-risk and disenfranchised teens. The company runs after-school programs that aim to develop children’s “strengths and talents”, an annual athletic, arts, and entertainment symposium, and a series of workshops to benefit poor families. According to the CETA site, Lola has received “several awards and accolades for her efforts to improve the lives of at-risk teens. [She] is always striving to exceed the standard … her tenacity and ambition is what will continue to distinguish her from others in her profession.”

2. Her First Job Was Working as a Billing Analyst

Lola has more than an addicting personality– she’s got the brains to match. Her first job was a billing analyst for Microtel, in Florida. Beyond that, Robinson has held positions as a Project Manager, Account Manager, and Wholesale Account Executive. On the first episode of the show, she explains to the contestants that she is Stevie’s “manager/momager”, and that she has invested in her son– there are seven businesses in her family, and any girl who wants to be with Stevie has to respect that. “This young man right here– we invested in him. He was the first one to go pursue a college degree, and when he did that, as a family, we esteemed him and lifted him up. So what does that mean to you all? You gotta be ready.”

3. She’s a Mother of Six

Stevie will be joined by his mother, Lola, the show's host, Sherri Shepherd, and Pastor Ken Johnson, as he embarks on his quest for love.

Stevie will be joined by his mother, Lola, the show’s host, Sherri Shepherd, and Pastor Ken Johnson, as he embarks on his quest for love. (Screenshot/WE)

Though her Instagram account is private, Robinson’s profile says she is a mother of six. In an interview she gives WE, she also mentions that she’s married, though Baggs’ dad doesn’t come up again. Lola continues by saying that if she had to describe herself in three words, they would be spiritual, vivacious, and determined.

4. She Goes Undercover in the Season 2 Premiere

Mona match made in heaven, stevie baggs mom, lola match made in heaven, match made in heaven mom

Lola does some undercover work and pretends to be “Mona”, all in the hopes of finding out what the girls’ are like behind closed doors. (Screenshot/WE)

In the season premiere of Match Made in Heaven, Lola goes undercover as “Mona”, pretending to be an assistant working on the show. She waits on the 18 ladies and cleans up their messes, in the hopes that the girls’ true colors shine through… and they certainly do. In one scene, “Mona” asks the girls if they want their jackets, and one sassy contestant responds by saying “clearly” they want their jackets, because “it’s cold out…”. Yikes. As if that weren’t enough, “Mona” finds a pair of dirty underwear left in the middle of the bedroom by one of the girls.

5. She Will Eliminate the First Contestant

WARNING: If you don’t want to know who gets eliminated, stop reading.

Lola’s undercover work as “Mona” on the season 2 premiere is definitely valuable, and at the elimination ceremony, she certainly won’t shy away from sharing her experiences with her son. She points out which girls were particularly rude, and commends those who are nice. In the end, Lola sends 24-year-old virgin Alexandra packing. In her interview with WE, Lola says, “The type of woman I’d love for my son to end up with is a multi-faceted, spiritually-guided, renaissance woman. I want her to be able to walk in the room and captivate audiences.” Those are some tough expectations to live up to!

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