Maksim & Val Chmerkovskiy Live on Tour: Tickets & Dates

Val Chmerkovskiy and his brother Maksim are heading out to perform live on tour this summer and tonight on Dancing With the Stars, they are giving viewers a little preview of what to expect from their show. The tour is titled “Maks & Val Live On Tour: Our Way” and the tour starts June 15, 2016 in Florida and ends on August 14, 2016 in California. On the tour’s official website, Maksim stated:

Val and I have pushed each other to be better dancers every day since we were kids, and this show will fulfill a lifetime dream to perform on the same stage together across the country. We want to connect with our audience and take the performance to a whole new level. There will be no holding back on this tour.

Val then added:

The essence of this show will be the story of two brothers and the passion we have for life, family, opportunity and, of course, dance. It will be the most honest we’ve ever been to an audience. We want to entertain with incredible choreography and inspire while sharing our story, our way.

Tickets are still available though some venues are beginning to sell out. You can click here to check out tickets and dates for venues in your area. You can also check out the tour dates in the below Instagram pic.

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Val talked to Life And Style Magazine in-depth about the concept of the show, explaining it as this:

We’re trying to inspire our audience with a great performance but also with a story about family and two brothers who never really fit in, whether it was being born in a different country, moving to Brooklyn, being ballroom dancers or having an accent … Thanks to dance and the arts in general and the show [DWTS] we were able to persevere and I want this show to kind of celebrate that.

For more details on Val and Maks: