‘Match Made in Heaven’ Cast 2016: Meet the Season 2 Contestants

Gallery: 1/17

A feisty group of women will fight to win the heart of Stevie Baggs on tonight’s premiere of ‘Match Made in Heaven’. This season’s contestants range from one of Beyonce’s former backup dancers, to the owner of a boutique PR agency, to a 24-year-old virgin. And though some of the ladies will find success in winning over both Baggs and his mother, Lola, who will be very involved in her son’s quest for love, others will get the boot faster than you can say “text me”. 34-year-old Stevie Baggs is a jack-of-all-trades in the sports and entertainment industries. Along with having an illustrious football career, he’s a motivational speaker, author, and actor. And in the words of the show’s executive producer and host, Sherri Shepherd, he’s a “yummy” piece of “chocolate goodness.” On tonight’s premiere, three of the girls will have to say goodbye to Baggs, and Lola will be responsible for eliminating one of them.

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