Match Made in Heaven Returns: Season 2 Premiere Spoilers

Match Made in Heaven | Season 2 Official Trailer | Season Premiere May 19 at 10/9C.In an all new season of Match Made in Heaven, former football player, Stevie Baggs, is looking for love. Will he be able to find his soul mate among 18 beautiful ladies? Don't miss the season premiere, Thursday, May 19th at 10/9C. Subscribe to the WE Tv channel for more clips: Like on Facebook: Follow on Twitter: WE tv Instagram: WE tv Tumblr: Official Site: On this season of Match Made in Heaven, the most dramatic and divinely-inspired search for love, former professional football player and successful Atlanta businessman, Stevie Baggs is putting his heart on the line on a quest for true love. And who better to help him find love than the man above? A momma, a Pastor and a “Sherri Godmother!” Leading the way, host Sherri Shepherd will oversee Stevie’s journey as 18 sexy singles duke it out to win his heart. With unexpected twists and turns, the competition is tougher than ever as the heavenly and hellish collide. And when Stevie’s outspoken mother, Lola moves in she scopes out the good, the bad and the ugly. Lola is determined to vet her potential daughter-in-law and find only the finest for her son. Pastor Ken Johnson (spiritual advisor to the Indianapolis Colts) is back to offer his spiritual guidance all along with dramatic temptations designed to test their virtue. After a series of dates, romantic rendezvous, harsh eliminations, and solicited (as well as unsolicited) advice from the Pastor and his mother, find out if Stevie’s prayers to find his match are answered.2016-04-22T03:03:01.000Z

Season 2 of WE’s Match Made in Heaven is back this Thursday, and it’s off to a super dramatic start. The premiere will introduce us to the 18 girls vying for a chance at love with former NFL linebacker, author, and motivational speaker, Stevie Baggs, and there’ll be no shortage of drama when it comes to this group of feisty ladies. What will happen on tonight’s premiere? Who will be sent home? Read on to find out.

WARNING: this post contains spoilers.

1. A 24-year-old Virgin Will Admit She Fell in Love With Her Gay Best Friend

virgin match made in heaven, match made in heaven alexandra

Alexandra is a 24-year-old virgin from San Francisco. (Screenshot/WE)

The first time we meet Alexandra, she will admit she’s a virgin. The 24-year-old will then proceed to tell the girls that she fell in love with her gay best friend. But it’s all okay, because he “told her he wasn’t gay”. Within the first twenty minutes of the show, Alexandra will also pour orange juice on the carpet– something that’ll come back to haunt her later on.

2. Stevie’s Mom Will Go Undercover

Lola, Baggs’ mom, will go undercover as “Mona”, and pretend to be an assistant on the show. She’ll spend the first half of the episode waiting on the women and cleaning up after them in the hopes of finding out what the girls are really like. At the elimination ceremony, Lola will come forward and talk about her undercover experience. She’ll highlight two girls who were especially cruel to “Mona” over the week.


3. We’ll Meet a Dancer Who Has Toured with Beyoncé

christina match made in heaven, match made in heaven dancer, match made in heaven beyonce dancer

Christina, 28, has toured the world as a professional dancer. (Screenshot/WE)

Christina is a professional dancer from Houston, Texas, who describes her love life as being “nonexistent”. The 28-year-old has danced for Beyonce and Rihanna, and has traveled all over the world. She doesn’t quite set herself up for too much success by claiming that she knows how to be a dancer, but not a girlfriend or wife, but luckily, Christina will be safe on this episode of the show.

4. Stevie Will Break Up With One of the Contestants By Text

At the elimination ceremony, the girls will receive personalized cellphones, and they’ll get a text saying whether they can stay, must go, or if Stevie needs to talk to them. Only one girl will get the boot via text, and it’ll be Tiffany, the 24-year-old flight attendant from Jersey.

5. 3 Women Will Be Sent Home

match made in heaven contestants, match made in heaven girls, match made in heaven ladies, match made in heaven cast

18 contestants will fight to the win the heart of Stevie Baggs on season 2 of ‘Match Made in Heaven’. (Screenshot/WE)

Three women will get sent home on Thursday’s premiere, and Stevie’s mom will be responsible for choosing one of them. Who will join Tiffany in her walk of shame? Alexandra, the 24-year-old virgin, and Lachia, the 29-year-old office manager. Elle, the owner of a boutique PR agency, will be safe on tonight’s episode, but only just — at the elimination ceremony, Lola will tell Stevie that Elle was super rude. Lucky for her, Stevie will let that one slide… but not before warning her that she better not stay on his mom’s bad side.