‘NCIS’ Cast: Sarah Clarke & Duane Henry Join the Team

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FBI Special Agent Tess Monroe (Clarke) and MI6 Officer Clayton Reeves (Henry) join the NCIS team in the hunt for an escaped ex-British spy. (Jace Downs/CBS)

As NCIS prepares to say farewell to Michael Weatherly, the show also welcomes two new guest stars who may become series regulars by next season. 24 alum Sarah Clarke and British actor Duane Henry make their debut in tonight’s episode, “Dead Letter.”

Clarke plays FBI Special Agent Tess Monroe, who recently transferred down to Washington D.C. from New York. She’ll be joined by Henry, who is playing MI6 Officer Clayton Reeves. Both arrive to assist NCIS in the manhunt for escaped British ex-spy, Jacob Scott, who has already killed former NCIS director, Tom Morrow, retired-MI6 head Jessica Terdei and possibly Senior FBI Agent T.C. Fornell.

Learn more about Clarke and Henry as well as their NCIS characters below.

Tess Monroe Is As Sexy As She Is Strong

ncis cast 2016, ncis cast changes, sarah clark ncis

FBI Special Agent Tess Monroe jumps right into the investigation alongside Bishop, DiNozzo and Gibbs.

NCIS cast Sarah Clarke as FBI Special Agent Tess Monroe in late March. Monroe recently transferred from New York City to Washington D.C. and is described as a “quick-witted, tough and shrewd agent,” according to CBS.com. Similar to Gibbs, she’s gone through several divorces and has no kids, viewing her fellow agents as family.

Beneath her tough exterior, Monroe has a big heart and believes in honor, justice and doing what’s right. She fights to protect those values and her team with “fierce determination” that pairs “perfectly with her touch of sarcasm.”

Executive producer Gary Glasberg told CBS.com that the show was “fortunate” to cast Clarke.

We feel so fortunate to have Sarah Clarke joining us to play Tess. I’ve been a fan of her’s going back to 24 and more recently Bosch. She’s a gifted actress, a total pro, and we can’t wait to introduce her to our NCIS family and have some fun.

Clarke Is Best Known for Her Role as Nina Myers on ’24’

24 – Jack Bauer Interrogates Nina Myers (Season 2)This is an awesome scene in 24 where Jack Bauer interrogates Nina Myers on her intel about the bomb.2011-09-18T21:45:36.000Z

Clarke made her acting debut in a 1999 national Volkswagen commercial. She appeared a few short films and did an episode of Sex and the City and Ed before landing her breakout role as Nina Meyers on 24.

The St. Louis native starred in all 24 episodes of season one then recurred for six episodes during the next two episode. She also met her husband, Xander Berkeley, on the set in 2001 and married a year later. They now have two daughters, 9-year-old Olwyn Harper and 6-year-old Rowan.

Clarke’s next big role came in Twilight as Bella Swan’s (Kristen Stewart) mother, Renee. She reprised the role in The Twilight Saga: Eclipse and The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1 & 2. She has since gone on to star in the TV series Trust Me, The Tomorrow People and Bosch as well as recurring roles on Men of a Certain Age, Nikita and Covert Affairs.

Clayton Reeves Has Burned Some Bridges in the International Intelligence Community

ncis cast 2016, ncis cast changes, duane henry ncis

Clayton brings his investigative skills across the pond to help Gibbs and gang. (Jace Downs/CBS)

Duane Henry was cast as MI6 Officer Clayton Reeves in early April, according to CBS.com. His character rose quickly out of his working class roots to become a respected government agent, known for his swagger, confidence, and sense of humor.

Reeves has made a few mistakes in his career, burning some bridges in the international intelligence community. Despite these missteps, he “brings honesty to his job and a determination to make the right decisions.”

Glasberg told CBS.com about Henry’s casting:

We think we found something really special in Duane Henry. His unique blend of charm, heart, and athletic physicality is going to be a great addition to the mix. Everyone at NCIS is excited to have him join us.

Henry Makes His American Television Debut on ‘NCIS’

ncis cast 2016, ncis cast changes

Henry will join NCIS for the final two episodes of season 13 and may return next season full-time. (Jace Downs/CBS)

Henry was born in Birmingham, England and has worked almost exclusively in British TV and movie productions. His past credits include the UK series Doctors, The Cut and Desperados as well as guest appearances on Doctor Who and Law & Order: UK. He also had a small role as a SWAT team member in The Dark Knight Rises.

On the set of NCIS, his new co-star Pauley Perrette, who plays Abby, has introduced him to the fans on Twitter. Perrette also took him to church. He also snagged a photo with the soon-to-be gone, Weatherly.

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