‘NCIS’ Season 13: Episode 23 ‘Dead Letter’ Spoilers

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The farewell to Anthony DiNozzo begins tonight on NCIS in the first of Michael Weatherly’s final two episodes. Before he walks out the door, the team may lose another close friend as they continue their hunt for an escaped British spy targeting current and former agents.

In last week’s episode, Senior FBI Agent T.C. Fornell (Joe Spano) took a bullet to the chest inside Gibbs’ (Mark Harmon) house where he had brought the former head of MI6, Jessica Terdei (Sandra Nelson), to keep her safe from Jacob Scott, who worked under her until he went to prison for selling weapons. Fornell’s plan didn’t quite work as Scott tracked them down and fired.

Here’s what you need to know about tonight’s episode, “Dead Letter.”

Fornell Is in for the Fight of His Life

VideoVideo related to ‘ncis’ season 13: episode 23 ‘dead letter’ spoilers2016-05-10T02:50:36-04:00

The former MI6 director Terdei is dead and things aren’t looking much better for Gibbs’ best friend Fornell, who is rushed into the emergency room after taking two bullets to the chest. Gibbs disobeys hospital protocol and bursts into the hallway outside surgery where he see Fornell on a gurney. As they wheel him by, a nurse cautions Gibbs that he needs “to prepare” himself.

Keeping his head just above water, Gibbs orders his team to track down Fornell’s daughter Emily (Juliette Angelo), who is away at boarding school. DiNozzo (Michael Weatherly) arrives to tell his boss that agents are on their way to pick her up, but she’s unaware of her father’s dire situation. Bishop (Emily Wickersham) can’t imagine the poor girl having to lose another parent so soon after her mother died last year.

Ex-British Spy Jacob Scott Warns, ‘Stop Following Me or More People Will Get Hurt’

VideoVideo related to ‘ncis’ season 13: episode 23 ‘dead letter’ spoilers2016-05-10T02:50:36-04:00

The escaped British spy Jacob Scott is on a rampage to track down a list of NCIS and MI6 agents who conducted the 2001 raid against a Russian weapons’ buyer, who turned out to be his wife. The raid led to her death and Scott is out for revenge.

On the run, he uses a health clinic as a safe house to store a few necessary items. After he grabs what he needs, Scott turns to the camera and delivers this chilling warning to Bishop and DiNozzo, who are watching the security footage: “Stop following me or more people will get hurt.”

Someone Is Looking for Ziva David

ncis season 13 episode 23, ncis dead letter, ncis ziva david

Gibbs brings in Scott’s brother, David, for interrogation. Is he the one looking for Ziva? (Jace Downs/CBS)

Cote de Pablo disappointed many NCIS fans when she revealed a couple weeks ago that she would not return for Michael Weatherly’s final episodes. However, her NCIS character Ziva David does come into play during the course of Gibbs’ investigation.

Abby reveals that someone is looking for Ziva and Gibbs’ has a suspect in interrogation who is also looking for the former Mossad officer that once saved his life. “Ziva David? Why are you looking for her,” he grills the suspect.

Everyone’s Favorite CIA Operative, Trent Kort, Is Back

ncis dead letter, ncis trent kort

Tony looks less than thrilled to have Trent Kort back in the NCIS bullpen. (Jace Downs/CBS)

DiNozzo can’t say goodbye without one more visit from his old CIA pal, Trent Kort (David Dayan Fisher), who he first met while on assignment to track down international arms dealer, La Grenouille. The two have shared a cantankerous relationship for the better part of nine years and Tony will never forget how Kort tried to kill him and blew up his car.

Kort made his last appearance helping the NCIS team track down the Port-to-Port killer at the end of season eight. Tony doesn’t look to happy to see him this time around, and who can blame him. It seems every time Kort’s around, multiple bodies are dropping.

FBI and MI6 Send in Backup — Meet Tess Monroe and Clayton Reeves

ncis cast sarah clark, ncis dead letter

Sarah Clark plays an FBI agent sent to assist Gibbs’ team in tracking down Jacob Scott. (Jace Downs/CBS)

NCIS welcomes Sarah Clarke and Duane Henry to the cast in tonight’s episode. The guest stars will appear in the final two episodes and may return next season as series regulars.

24 alum Clarke will play FBI Special Agent Tess Monroe, who recently transferred from New York to Washington D.C. She is described as a “multiple divorcée who’s as sexy as she is strong,” but under her tough exterior, she has a big heart,” according to TVLine. Monroe believes in honor and justice and doing what’s right, and will “fight to protect those values, and her team, with fierce determination and a tinge of sarcasm along the way.”

ncis cast duane henry, ncis dead letter

Duane Henry will play an MI6 officer who lends his expertise to the ongoing manhunt. (Jace Downs/CBS)

British actor Henry will play MI6 Officer Clayton Reeves, who “rose above his blue collar roots to become a successful MI-6 agent,” according to TVLine. He is described as “offbeat and fun with swagger to spare,” and has a “professional confidence that’s impossible to disregard.” His other attributes include “steely eyes,” a “no-nonsense demeanor,” “a killer smile” and a sense of humor to boot.

NCIS airs tonight, May 10 at 8 p.m. on CBS.

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