POLL: Who is Worse, Ramsay or Joffrey on ‘Game of Thrones’?


Fans hated Joffrey with a passion, but now they have a new focus for their anger: Ramsay. Which one is worse? (HBO)

Some pretty crazy things happened on Game of Thrones episode 2, season 6, “Home.” Earlier in the episode, before the huge “hyped” moment, we had a horrifying scare with Ramsay Bolton (formerly known as Ramsay Snow). He was terrible to Theon, terrible to Sansa, and his terror seems to know no limits. Spoilers for episode 2 in this article.

Ramsay decided, after hearing that his dad had a new son, that he couldn’t let his dad live. Most of us saw this coming before he stabbed Roose Bolton. Fans weren’t too upset about this. Roose was the mastermind behind the Red Wedding massacre and he personally killed Robb Stark.

But then Ramsay went one step further and killed Roose’s wife, his own stepmother, and his newly born half-brother. He obviously did this so that he wouldn’t lose his chance to inherit the throne. But he also killed the poor woman and her baby in a terribly horrific way: by unleashing menacing, growling, hungry dogs on her.

Ramsay now has more power, and he’s the new lead character that we hate with a passion. But how does he rank compared to Joffrey? Before Joffrey died, fans hated him every time his smirking face showed up on TV. Which character is worse?

Take our poll and let us know.

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