‘The Bachelorette’ Spoilers 2016: Everything to Know About Season 12

Tonight is the premiere of The Bachelorette with star JoJo Fletcher on the hunt for her perfect man. The season is filled with emotions, drama, villains and awkward moments …Oh yeah, and love, right? Fletcher confessed to The Hollywood Reporter that she is very happy with how the season ended up, explaining that:

I was scared that maybe heartbreak was going to happen again. Everyone thinks that when you’re on this side of it, you’re totally in control — it’s not a one-way street. And that fear of it not working out is kind of always in the back of your head. I am happy right now, and I’m happy the way the show went down.

So, who is the winner this season? Who makes it into the final four? Which contestants make fools of themselves? Get all the details below and, just a reminder:


The Final Four

This season’s final four contestants have been reported by Reality Steve to be Chase McNary, Robby Hayes, Luke Pell and Jordan Rodgers. The hometown dates involve traveling all over the country to Florida, Texas, California, you name it. Chase McNary is the contestant eliminated after the hometown dates.

And the Winner Is …

Jordan Rodgers, the brother of Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers, is reported by Reality Steve to be the winner. However, Reality Steve doesn’t think much of Rodgers, calling him a player and a ladies’ man. Is he just in this for the fame? Bachelor guru Steve reports that Rodgers wanted to be on the show in hopes of becoming the next Bachelor.

Rodgers gets the first impression rose this season and gets some makeout action from the Bachelorette on the premiere episode.

JoJo’s First Kiss Is Not What She Wanted

On the premiere episode, JoJo is having some one-on-one time with contestant Will and ends up having to give him the first kiss. Check out the awkward encounter in the above sneak peek video.

Former Bachelor Jake Pavelka Appears on the Premiere to Speak to JoJo

According to Reality Steve, former Bachelor Jake Pavelka arrives on night one to speak with JoJo, but it’s just a fake-out. Pavelka is a family friend and just wants to give her advice on her Bachelorette journey.

The Premiere Drunks

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Daniel is taking the suit out of suitor.

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As usual, there are a couple contestants who cannot handle their liquor on night one of the show. This season, Daniel, Nick S. and Vinny are those guys. However, Daniel seems to take the cake when he strips down to his underwear and jumps in the pool. Classic Bachelorette move, right? See a little clip of Daniel in the above Instagram video.

As for this season’s villain, it appears to be contestant Chad. Check out a clip of Chad in action below.

The Overnight Dates

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Santa? ? ?

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For this season’s overnight dates, the show takes us to Thailand. The overnights take place in a town called Hua Hin, but one contestant is eliminated afterwards … Luke Pell. He is the contestant who arrives on night one, riding in on a unicorn.