What Did High Sparrow Say to Tommen on ‘Game of Thrones’?

Tommen and High Sparrow

Tommen and High Sparrow chatting. (HBO)

There’s one part of Season 6 Episode 4 of Game of Thrones that fans are really wondering about. It involves a certain conversation between Tommen and High Sparrow. This post is going to delve into what might have been said between the two, with top fan theories. Of course, this could contain spoilers if any of the theories are true, and it definitely contains spoilers through Episode 4.

Here’s what you need to know.

Cersei’s Reaction to the Secret Conversation

Cersei and Tommen meet up during “Book of the Stranger,” and Tommen confesses to Cersei that he’s been talking to High Sparrow. He then mentions that High Sparrow said something to him that he made Tommen swear not to tell anyone else. Tommen wants to tell Cersei, but he’s worried about the repercussions of breaking a vow to this crazy man of faith.

Although this isn’t the conversation in question, here is a clip from when Tommen and High Sparrow met up last week:

Cersei assures Tommen that yes, it’s OK to tell her what the High Sparrow said. But the scene ends before Tommen reveals what he was told. No, your TV didn’t cut out during that crucial part. It wasn’t filmed. The next thing we see, Cersei is pushing for the Tyrell army to come to King’s Landing, take out High Sparrow, and for the King’s Landing army to allow them to do that (despite Tommen’s telling them not to make the High Sparrow angry.)

So what exactly did the High Sparrow tell Tommen that got Cersei so riled up?

We know that Cersei is pushing to let the Tyrell army into King’s Landing because she doesn’t want to stand trial. And we know that when Margaery and her brother Loras met, and Loras told her to “Let them win,” Margaery responded by saying, “OK.”

Theories About What High Sparrow Told Tommen

Some fans are speculating that High Sparrow may have pretty nefarious plans for Margaery and Loras. If it could somehow endanger Cersei’s power, she would go against it as fiercely as possible. But it’s hard to imagine that this theory would incite Cersei to react like she did. However, if High Sparrow simply told Cersei that Margaery was going to confess, this could have given Cersei ample excuse to talk to Olenna Tyrell. She’d know that Olenna wouldn’t let Margaery do this and the news would motivate her to take action. So Cersei might have used this information to her advantage to get rid of an enemy.

Another fan theory involves whether High Sparrow hinted to Tommen about who he would sign up to fight against Cersei in a trial by combat. If High Sparrow has someone in mind that Cersei’s not even sure Sir Gregor can beat, she might be worried. This might push her to try to take out High Sparrow by letting in the Tyrells, as that would be a better risk in her eyes. Could word that the Hound is still alive be enough to spur that type of fear? We don’t know if this is the case, but fans are really hoping The Hound is still alive and he will fight Gregor in a trial-by-combat that they are calling CleganeBowl.

Is Tommen Falling Under High Sparrow’s Spell?

Perhaps it’s all much simpler than this. Some fans are wondering if Cersei is realizing that Tommen is falling under High Sparrow’s spell. Maybe Tommen is starting to think High Sparrow has some logic behind his beliefs. If she’s worried that High Sparrow will steal Tommen away from her, this would be a reason that she’d want the man killed as quickly as possible.

Let’s not forget that in a previous season, when Tommen and Tywin were talking, Tywin asked: “What is a good king’s single most important quality?” The first thing that Tommen suggested was “holiness.” This might be foreshadowing Tommen’s susceptibility to High Sparrow’s words.

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