Cersei on ‘Game of Thrones’: All the Memes You Need to See

Love her or hate her, Cersei is a major player in the game of thrones. But she's also a dark, dark player who's willing to do whatever it takes to win. That's probably why she's made it so far, against all odds. SPOILER ALERT: There are spoilers on the rest of this page through the finale of Game of Thrones season 6, "The Winds of Winter," and on the coming pages. So don't read on, even the copy below, unless you're caught up on the finale.

In the season 6 finale, Cersei's death toll went through the roof. She not only killed the High Septon, Queen Margaery and Margaery’s brother Loras Tyrell, she offed a room full of people, and several more block of King's Landing. In addition, she killed her cousin with benefits Lancel Lannister, and her father’s close friend uncle Kevan Lannister.

Before the dust settled, her only son Tommen killed himself - a direct result of what she did. But before Tommen's corpse was cold, Cersei was content to hold a crowning ceremony for herself and sit the iron throne. All in all, it was an eventful day for the once and future queen.

Fans and critics alike have gathered on social media to weigh in on Cersei’s actions. Click through the gallery to see what they had to say. (HBO)