WATCH: Twin Brothers Elias & Zion Phoenix on ‘America’s Got Talent’

VideoVideo related to watch: twin brothers elias & zion phoenix on ‘america’s got talent’2016-06-21T20:52:18-04:00

Twin brothers Elias and Zion Phoenix wowed the judges on America’s Got Talent tonight with their musical talents. Check out the two nine-year-olds’ amazing piano skills in their performance above. Plus, you can check out Simon Cowell’s reaction to the two of them.

Previously, Elias appeared on the Ellen DeGeneres show and he was very excited to be on her program. Check out hos energetic and sassy he was in the below video.

When Ellen Met EliasElias is a 7-year-old piano prodigy, but what he brought when he met Ellen was a lot more than just musical skill. This might be one of the most memorable guests in history.2014-01-17T17:17:52Z

Elias appeared on The Ellen Show at 7 years old in 2014, giving a performance as a child prodigy. And, Ellen was such a fan of Elias that she welcomed him back to the show a couple other times as well.

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