‘Game of Thrones’: Hodor Songs You Need to Hear

hodor songs

You’ll want to hear these tear-inducing Hodor songs. (HBO)

Hodor has been with us since season one, and his loss hit us all pretty hard. But since that epic “Hold the Door” scene, a few great songs have popped up about Hodor that really tug at our heart strings.

The first song was uploaded to YouTube by musician Rusty Cage. Rusty currently has more than 140,000 subscribers to his channel. His song is a heartfelt ballad of gratitude from the perspective of Bran called “Hold the Door”.

The second song was written and performed by Hodor himself. Well, young Hodor. The guy who deserves an Emmy for making all of us cry while shouting “Hold the Door” and having a seizure. His name is Sam Coleman, and he has a Soundcloud account with several songs. Sam uploaded this one a few days after the episode aired. It is written from the perspective of young Hodor: willingly accepting his mission to safeguard the time traveling Bran.

Listen to the song below: