WATCH: Cleveland Fan Lamont Richmond Says Justin Bieber Started Fight

The Cavaliers fan whose fight outside a downtown Cleveland hotel with pop star Justin Bieber was caught on video says he was just looking to get an autograph with his daughters when Bieber started a brawl.

Lamont Richmond, a Cleveland native, posted a brief Facebook video addressing the Wednesday night fight on Thursday. He has since deleted the video after it was posted by TMZ. You can watch it above.

“The fool ran up on me,” Richmond says in the 13-second video. “I was with the girls, we just asked the n*gga for an autograph. I don’t know about all this other stuff, people are talking about. I got nothing else to say.”

You can watch video of the fight, from TMZ, below:

Police said they did not respond to the fight, which occurred after the Cavaliers beat the Golden State Warriors in the NBA Finals, a game the 22-year-old pop star attended.

Richmond also wrote a post on Facebook, saying, “For all you people talking crap he started with me I was just walking with my girlfriend both of them. They asked the little guy can they take a picture with him he said hell no get out his face so I said what the hell worng (sic) with you. Then he threw a punch and you see from the video what I had to do.”

Bieber has not commented about the brawl.