‘Masterchef’ 2016 Cast: Meet the Season 7 Contestants

"Masterchef" 2016 Cast

Season 7 of Masterchef premieres tonight at 8 p.m. on FOX with the top 40 contestants competing to win an apron as an official 2016 cast member. Chef Gordon Ramsay and Christina Tosi return as judges with rotating guest judges subbing in for former judge Graham Elliott, who has left the show. Below is a list of the top 40 contestants and feel free to click through our gallery of some of the notable cooks competing on the premiere episode.


Alejandro Toro: Age 27 from Miami, Florida; works as a Voice-Over Artist

Andrea Galan: Age 20 from Miami, Florida; is currently a Student

Ashley Travers: Age 23 from Pauma Valley, California; is a Small Business Owner

Barbara Savage: Age 40 from Denver, Colorado; works as an Investigator

Bill Travers: is from Pauma Valley, California and he is Retired

Brandi Mudd: Age 27 from Irvington, Kentucky; works as a 5th Grade Teacherv
Brian Schneble: is from West Bloomfield, Michigan; works as a Senior Business Manager

Brittany Craig: Age 22 from New Hartford, New York; works as a Server

Caitlin Meade: is from Chicago, Illinois; works as a Nutritionist

Cassie Peterson: is from Clear Lake, Iowa; works as a Bakery Clerk

Corey Rice: Age 35 from Chicago, Illinois; works as a Computer Tech/Hotel Front Desk Rep

D’Andre Balaoing: Age 25 from Las Vegas, Nevada; works as a Bartender

Dan Paustian: is from a Charlotte, North Carolina where he works as a Server

David Williams: Age 35 from Las Vegas, Nevada; works as a Poker Player

Diamond Alexander: Age 24 from San Diego, California; works as a Web Designer

Diana Bilow: is from Plainfield, Illinois; works as a Server

Eric Howard: Age 26 from Queens, New York; works as a Fireman

Freddy Coleman: is from Milwaukee, Wisconsin and works as a Fireman

Gina Ruccione: is from Long Beach, California; works as a Food Blogger

James Woods: is from Las Vegas, Nevada; works as a Trucker

Jessica McPhaul: is from Dallas, Texas; works as a Yoga Teacher

Joe Russo: is from Brooklyn, New York; works as a Fireman

Joe Pickens: is from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; workds as a Sales Rep

Katie Dixon: is from Hattiesburg, Mississippi; works as a Personal Trainer & Retail Associate

Lisa-Ann Marchesi: Age 27 from Gillette, New Jersey; works as a Insurance Manager

Manny Washington: is from Orlando, Florida and works as a Fireman

Nathan Barnhouse: Age 20 from Slippery Rock, Pennsylvania; works as a Tuxedo Salesman

Neco Washington: is from Detroit, Michigan; works as a Nail Technician

Samson Kohanski: is from Los Angeles, California and works as a Mixologist

Shaun O’Neale: is from Las Vegas, Nevada and works as a DJ

Shawn Norris: is from Las Vegas, Nevada; works as a Restaurant Manager

Shelby Reid: is from Newport, Kentucky; works as a Lifeguard

Takeila Peebles: is from Park Forest, Illinois; works as a Nail Technician

Tanorria Askew: is from Chattanooga, Tennessee; works as a Credit Union Coordinator

Taylor Waltmon: is from Austin, Texas; works as a Digital Marketer

Terry Mueller: is from Long Island, New York; works as a Handyman

Tricia Crivello: is from San Diego, California; works as a Insurance Broker

Will Staten: is from Las Vegas, Nevada; works as a Karate Teacher

Zac Fallon: is from Knoxville, Tennessee and works as a Musician

Zack Wilson: is from Belleville, Michigan; works as a Construction Worker

Now click through our contestants gallery to get to know some of the people heating things up in the kitchen tonight.

(Photo Credit: Greg Gayne. © 2016 FOX Broadcasting Co.)