Michael Strahan’s Net Worth: 5 Fast Facts You Need To Know

Michael Strahan, net worth, The $100,000 Pyramid, Good Morning America

Strahan begins hosting The $100,000 Pyramid tonight. (Getty)

Tonight, Michael Strahan makes his debut as the host of the newly rebooted The $100,000 Pyramid for ABC. It’s yet another chance for the charismatic entertainer to shine, playing off other people and being generally affable. After years of thriving in the tough, mean football world, Strahan has thrived equally as well in the warm, comfortable world of daytime television, and now he’s smartly expanding that brand.

Over 15 years of football and several more years of being an on screen TV presence has surely made Michael Strahan quite a fortune. Having made his debut with the New York Giants in 1993, that is 23 consecutive years of making a lot of money. How much has he made? How much of that did he have to give up? And what is his net worth now, after combining all of that with the several television shows he appears on?

Here’s what you need to know.

1. His Net Worth is About $55 Million

Michael Strahan, net worth

Strahan, in his multiple endeavors, has a net worth of $55 million. (Getty)

Playing a hall of fame NFL career from 1993-2007 and immediately transitioning into a TV presence on several programs has netted Michael Strahan a net worth of approximately $55 million.

Of late, most of Strahan’s income was coming from his work co-hosting the daytime talk show Live with Kelly and Michael, alongside Kelly Ripa. Strahan’s pay increased significantly in a short amount of time hosting Love. In 2013, he was making $4 million dollars for his hosting duties. By 2015, that number shot up to $10 million. It’s quite a bit of money, but Kelly Ripa, as the more experienced and tenured host of the two, was making $15 million at the same time. That pay disparity is no longer an issue for Strahan.

2. He Will Reportedly Be Making $20 Million at Good Morning America

Michael Strahan, net worth, Good Morning America

Strahan with his Good Morning America co-hosts. (Getty)

In April of 2016, it was announced that Strahan was leaving his gig on Live with Kelly and Michael to sign onto a full-time gig on fellow ABC daytime show Good Morning America. Strahan had been doing occasional guest spots and fill-ins for GMA, but the announcement to go there full-time was sudden, and a surprise to many, including Kelly Ripa. What could have made Strahan decide to leave suddenly for a new job?

To reiterate, Kelly was making $15 million to Michael’s $10 million. But People reported that in going to Good Morning America full-time, Strahan would be making approximately $20 million. Strahan was apparently a huge get for GMA, as People’s source said “They moved Michael because they are trying to close the gap [in ratings with the Today show] with a younger demographic… We’re talking hundreds of millions of dollars… This was bigger than just Michael wanting to do more, because of the money involved.”

3. He Made Approximately $60 Million in Salary as An NFL Player

Michael Strahan, net worth, NFL, New York Giants

Strahan celebrating after the Giants’ win in Super Bowl XLII. (Getty)

The aforementioned net worth websites claims that Strahan, in his NFL career, made $60 million in salary alone in his tenure with the Giants. The bulk of that money came starting in 2002, when Strahan signed a 7 year contract worth $46.298 million. The contract was signed in the wake of his incredible 2001 season, when he broke the single season record for sacks with 22.5.

Prior to that contract, Strahan was on a 4 year contract worth $12.2 million, signed in 1996. It’s a lot of money, but was worth it for one of the Giants’ best defensive players of all-time. In his career with the Giants, he had 141.5 sacks, 659 tackles, and even threw in a couple of defensive touchdowns. For his incredible career, Strahan was voted into the NFL Hall of Fame in 2014.

4. He Still Has His NFL On FOX Job and Will Be Hosting The $100,000 Pyramid on ABC

Michael Strahan, net worth, NFL on FOX, The $100,000 Pyramid, Terry Bradshaw

Strahan on the NFL on FOX set with Terry Bradshaw and Curt Menefee. (Getty)

Good Morning America will be far from the only job Michael Strahan will have this year. Strahan will continue to perform his duties on NFL On FOX, FOX’s Sunday football pregame show that offers analysis before, during, and after games. Strahan joined the NFL on FOX team in 2008, almost immediately after he won his first Super Bowl and retired. He works alongside other former NFL players like Terry Bradshaw and Howie Long, along with host Curt Menefee.

In addition, as mentioned previously, Strahan starts a new gig hosting The $100,000 Pyramid, an old game show that ABC is rebooting for newer audiences. It will be put in the same Sunday night block as returning game show Celebrity Family Feud, as well as another game show reboot, Match Game hosted by Alec Baldwin.

5. During His Divorce, a Judge Awarded Strahan’s Ex-Wife a Settlement of Over $15 Million

Michael Strahan, net worth, divorce, Wiz Khalifa

Strahan with rapper Wiz Khalifa. (Getty)

Arguably the biggest reason Strahan’s net worth isn’t larger is a pricey divorce he went through many years ago. In 2005, he filed for divorce against his then-wife Jean Muggli, after Muggli claimed Strahan threatened to beat her. During the case, Muggli made many other claims, including allegations that Strahan had abused her, cheated on her, and had an affair with another man. Strahan denied these claims, and without any tangible evidence from Muggli, the claims were quickly dismissed. Even so, in 2007 a judge awarded Muggli a divorce settlement of over $15 million dollars, as well as a monthly child support of $18,000.

After paying most of the settlement, Strahan appealed the decision, claiming that paying 91% of the couple’s child support was not fair, as Muggli “was well-educated and employable.” The state appeals court ultimately ruled in favor of Strahan, citing a number of claims by Muggli that the court found excessive. Included in these claims were that Muggli and Strahan’s daughters required $30,000 yearly in “landscaping,” and $3,000 in “audio visual expenses.”