Pete Nelson Net Worth: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Pete Nelson is the star of the hit TV series, Treehouse Masters on Animal Planet. The 54-year-old is an expert in the field of designing and building treehouses, but do you ever wonder how lucrative his job is? Nelson may be regarded as the best treehouse builder in the world, but how much money does he make building designer homes atop the trees?

Read on to find out.

1. His Net Worth Is $3 Million

Nelson has a reported net worth of $3 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth. His television series, as fans well know, is based on his occupation– “building over-the-top aboreal home after another.” He hosts the show with energy and passion, and has become a very popular television personality since the series first aired in 2013. When asked by the New York Times, “Are the treehouses you design and build, some of which cost six figures, really for children?”, Nelson responds with an honest account of his history in the business.

I get calls all the time for kids’ treehouses. But I think the adults who are placing the calls are hiding the fact that the treehouse is for them. Some people look at these treehouse books and say, “I want one of those.” Or they’re architecture buffs. They don’t have the skills to create it, but they want it. The people who pick up the phone are dreamer types, but they’re also doer types. Somebody who’s going to spend $200,000 on a treehouse is a go-getter.

2. He’s the Founder and CEO of Nelson Treehouse

Nelson is the founder of Nelson Treehouse and Supply, and in 1997, he also co-founded TreeHouse Workshop. But his successes don’t just stop there– he is the co-founder and host of the Global Treehouse Symposium, too.

The architect lives with his family and three children, Emily, Charlie, and Henry in Fall City, WA. His love for treehouses began at an early age, when he started building small model boats with his grandfather. According to Famous Birthdays, Pete designed his first major treehouse in high school in Massachusetts.

3. He’s Written Multiple Books About Treehouses

Nelson has published six treehouse books, and a coffee table book called ‘Treehouses, the Art and Craft of Living out on a Limb.’ As the New York Times puts it, he’s authored “several lavishly illustrated books” about his designer homes, so that fans can see what goes into making these beautiful retreats.

4. He Runs a Treehouse Retreat Center

Treehouse Point WA, Treehouse point lodging, treehouse point pete nelson


Nelson and his wife, Judy, co-founded a retreat center called Treehouse Point, in Issaquah, Washington, where people can live in his designer treehouses for short periods of time. His company’s website describes the center as a Bed and Breakfast, located just outside of Seattle.

According to the Treehouse Point website, the center offers guided treehouse tours, lodging, wedding and elopements, and accommodation for meetings. It also has on-site massages and yoga. Check out the website here.

5. He’s An “Eminent Authority on the Subject of Aboreal Architecture”

Nelson knows more about treehouses than just about anyone in the world. When asked which kinds of trees he likes to build with, he says, “The Douglas fir are beautiful trees and so strong. But they’re also very convenient in that their structure is almost like a telephone pole. I love the Western red cedar trees that are out here in the Pacific Northwest. There are very few trees that are not treehouse-appropriate, although cottonwoods can be massive, and their danger is dropping major limbs.” The expert adds on that his definition of a treehouse has broadened over the years– at first, he thought that a tree-supported structure was “cheating”. Now, however, he admits that what makes a treehouse is just being up in the trees.


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The word “Aboreal” appears more than once in your article the correct spelling is “Arboreal” having to do with living in trees or arbors

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