Who Advanced on ‘American Ninja Warrior: Philadelphia Qualifiers’ Tonight?

UPDATE – Contestants Who Will Advance to Regional Finals: Anthony DeFranco, Jon Alexis Jr., Joe Moravsky, Michael Torres, Najee Richardson, Jamie Rahn, Geoff Britten, Tyler Cravens, Ryan Stratis, Mike Bernardo, Chris DiGangi, Mike Soria, Chris Wilczewski, John Gowder Jr., Lori Adams, Brandon Pannell, Michelle Warnky, Eric Torres, Yancey Quezada, Tim Bream, Richard Shoemaker, Nick Kostreski, Alex Dell’Aquila, Greg Fleming, Fabio Figueiredo, Miles Avery, Carl Fantauzzo, Jesse Labreck, Rachel Goldstein, Allyssa Beird

Anthony DeFranco

22-year-old Anthony DeFranco grew up watching the Japanese version of the show, Sasuke, and he's dreamt about being on American Ninja Warrior ever since. DeFranco has been an athlete his whole life-- he's competed in track and field, wrestling, and pole vaulting. (NBC)