‘Game of Thrones’: Who Is Septa Unella?

septa unella

Septa Unella (HBO)

Septa Unella has been a recurring character in seasons five and six, but now she seems to not want to ever let Margaery out of her sight. Find out more about Unella, her history, and what type of role fans think she’s going to play.

Here’s what you need to know.

Unella & the Faith of the Seven

Unella is a “septa” of the Faith of the Seven, which High Sparrow currently leads. The Faith of the Seven began about 6,000 years ago. According to legend, the God of the Seven manifested before the Andals, an ancient people who invaded Westeros thousands of years ago shortly after the God appeared to them. The God’s symbol is a seven-pointed star. The Andals viewed the magic of the Children of the Forest as an abomination, so they burned down the weirwood trees and slaughtered the First Men. Except for the Kingdom of the North, all the First Men kingdoms fell to the Andals.

The Faith believes there is one god with seven faces: father, mother, maiden, crone, warrior, smith, and stranger. They are the faith behind the High Sparrow and the Faith Militant, who believe there should be no excess.

Unella’s History on the Show

In Season 5, we first saw Unella when she threw Cersei into a cell beneath the Great Sept of Baelor. She visited Cersei (and the other prisoners) routinely to try to get them to confess to their sins. She was frequently seen in Season 6 visiting Margaery, reading the book of the faith to her, and trying to get confessions out of her.

In Season 5, Unella accompanied Cersei on her walk of shame. She cried out “Shame!” and rang a bell to attract people to the walk and get them to join in.

In Season 6, we see her reading from the Seven Pointed Star frequently. She read it to Margaery when the queen was also imprisoned. The High Sparrow told Margaery that Unella sometimes takes her devotion too far. He also said that she sometimes reads at people rather than to them.

Fan Theories about Septa Unella

Last season, Cersei threatened to Unella that she was going to watch Unella die. For this reason, some fans think that Unella will be among the characters who dies in Season 6.

Fans get so annoyed by Unella that they like to come up with all sorts of theories about how she will die. In one Reddit thread, a fan imagined that she might get impaled by the Mountain, maybe accidentally during his trial by combat if it happens. Or maybe it won’t be so accidental at all. Septa Unella is a favorite pick for fans who put together Game of Thrones “death pools” and bet on which character will die next.