‘The Bachelorette’ 2016 Spoilers: Episode 5 – 6/20/16

On tonight’s episode 5 of The Bachelorette, the contestants may get a little more than they bargain for when an angry Chad Johnson makes his way back to the house after being eliminated on the previous episode. The official ABC synopsis of the show tonight reads:

Just as the remaining 13 men are celebrating Chad’s departure after the dreaded two-on-one date, the bachelor that viewers love to hate, makes a surprise return to the house for another combative confrontation. When the dust settles after the rose ceremony, two more men are sent home while the others prepare for their first international adventure to the exciting South American city of Punta Del Este, Uruguay. JoJo’s one-on-one date with one of the charming bachelors involves a yacht and pods of adorable seals, but the man must end up defending himself against unflattering gossip. JoJo is also the target of tabloid reports that she is on the show for the “wrong reasons” and must argue her case to the men, but will they believe her? Finally, there’s a heart-stopping one-on-one date – for more than one reason. However, JoJo interjects more drama into the week by cancelling the cocktail party, on “The Bachelorette.”

JoJo Fletcher’s true intentions come under fire and she feels she has to defend herself tonight when her ex-boyfriend Chad Rookstool gives his own take on their relationship via an interview with In Touch Weekly. Needless to say, the episode is filled with eliminations, rumors … and making out. Get the rundown on what to expect below.

Chad Picks a Fight With Jordan Rodgers

When Alex got the rose over Chad on the previous episode’s two-on-one date, he was very angry. Star JoJo Fletcher put him in his place and he ventured off into the woods, making his way back to the house where his fellow contestants were celebrating his elimination. Chad has butted heads with almost every cast member this season, but, according to Reality Steve, it’s Jordan Rodgers who he gets physical with tonight. Reality Steve reported that:

Chad gets sent home, but for whatever reason, the guys are partying back at the resort when Alex comes back celebrating that Chad is gone, but the show for whatever reason lets Chad come back to the resort and sees this, and apparently gets in Jordan’s face and hell breaks loose. He started poking Jordan in the face and it got physical. End result is that Chad eventually went home.

The physical fight may or may not be fully shown.

Chad isn’t gone for good because he is set to be a cast member on Bachelor In Paradise this summer.

The Eliminations Are …

Because of Chad’s epic meltdown, we didn’t get to see a rose ceremony, which means that two men still need to be eliminated from the previous episode. James Fuertas and Daniel Maguire are reportedly sent home. As for the next rose ceremony, Reality Steve says that Vinny Venteria, Grant Kemp and Evan Bass will be sent packing in the following elimination.

Jordan Rodgers Faces Cheating Rumors During His Solo Date

JoJo Fletcher’s main crush Jordan Rodgers gets a solo date with her and he gets the rose, but he is faced with rumors on their date. For their date, they go to Isla De Lobos and swim with the seals.

So, what rumors is Jordan dealing with? JoJo confronts Jordan about his ex-girlfriend (we’re thinking it’s his ex Brittany) and JoJo says his ex said that he wasn’t trust worthy, implying he cheated on her. It also sounded like Jordan may have just gone out for the show in order to further is career. Jordan’s response to the questioning about his ex is:

She was on for the rollercoaster of when I was at my best and when I was at my worst. I will be the first to admit that I was awful. I wasn’t the best person all the time.

Do you think Jordan is the man he seems to be?

Robby Hayes Goes Cliff-Jumping With JoJo

These two also get a solo date this episode and they end up going cliff-jumping. Doing something so scary and risky made JoJo realize she could trust Robby.

As for tonight’s group date, the guys go sand surfing, but bad weather cuts the date short.