‘The Bachelorette’ 2016 Spoilers: Episode 6 – 6/27/16

Tonight is episode 6 of The Bachelorette 2016 with 8 men remaining, venturing off to Buenos Aires with JoJo Fletcher. This episode features a solo date, a group date and also another two-on-one date. Who will survive the two-on-one tonight? The official synopsis for tonight’s episode reads:

JoJo and the eight remaining bachelors visit Buenos Aires, where a second dreaded two-on-one date occurs. Also: five guys enjoy a day with JoJo in the La Boca Neighborhood; and one lucky man goes on a sexy date at a performance art show. At the rose ceremony, JoJo stuns the men whe she runs out.

So, what upsets JoJo so much that she retreats during the rose ceremony? Who gets eliminated on tonight’s show? Which men stand out on the episode? Get all the spoilers you need below.

James Taylor Stirs Up Drama

On tonight’s episode, ABC reports that James Taylor starts to feel threatened and decides to lash out. ABC states that:

James Taylor is feeling the pressure and is overwhelmed by some of the frontrunners. He decides to get even at the after party, which sparks hostility among the remaining men. JoJo is left upset and wondering how well she knows any of these guys.

Contestant Jordan Rodgers faces drama tonight when James talks to JoJo about the possibility of Jordan just being on the show for the fame.

Wells Adams Gets the Solo Date

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Wells Adams was the one guy who hadn’t kissed JoJo Fletcher yet, so it was nice for him to receive a date card. This was interesting news to the other contestants, especially when they see that Adams’ date card says “Kiss Me” on it. For their solo date, the two take a walk through the city’s markets and nearby parks. They end up participating in an interactive performance art event called “Fuerza Bruta”.

Chase And Derek Battle It Out for the Rose on the Two-On-One Date

The two-on-one date involves getting serenaded by famous South American singer Soledad Pastorutti and some Tango dancing. Both Chase McNary and Derek Peth have been guys that JoJo Fletcher has liked this season, but tonight she must say goodbye to one of them. While one of the guys becomes more confident in their connection, the other falters. Who is the man walking away with a rose? Chase McNary (though he admits to being jealous at times) gets the rose and Derek is sent home.

Luke and JoJo Make Out … A Lot

If there is one thing that is certain, it’s that contestant Luke is hot. JoJo and Luke have a passionate connection and we get to see some heat between the two tonight. Check out the steamy clip above.

The Rose Ceremony Involves a Surprise

VideoVideo related to ‘the bachelorette’ 2016 spoilers: episode 6 – 6/27/162016-06-27T17:26:15-04:00

So, who gets eliminated on tonight’s episode? We already know that Derek Peth gets sent home on the two-on-one date, but who will JoJo say goodbye to at the rose ceremony? According to Reality Steve, JoJo actually sends tonight’s solo date suitor Wells Adams packing.

In addition, ABC says that there will be a surprise at the rose ceremony. It’s undetermined if the surprise is JoJo’s running out of the ceremony. ABC’s official description reads:

After another tough week, JoJo tries to enjoy her time with the men at the cocktail party. A tense rose ceremony gets a surprise ending. Whoever remains will enjoy the Argentinian countryside and be one step away from JoJo deciding whose hometowns and families she will visit.