WATCH: Jimmy Kimmel’s New ‘Baby Bachelorette’ Episode

On Jimmy Kimmel Live! Monday night, the host unveiled the third episode of The Baby Bachelorette, his hilarious take on the ongoing ABC franchise The Bachelor.

Kimmel kicked off The Baby Bachelorette series on May 24 as a spin-off to his successful Baby Bachelor. In the series, Kimmel hopes to help four-year-old Bianca find a husband. She has 11 boys to pick. One of the boys, Dylnan showed up dressed as Captain America, while Arthur played the violin (or at least tried). The self-declared awesome Alex showed up on a motorcycle.

On June 21, episode two aired. Two boys didn’t get their unicorns and were asked to leave the show. In episode three, Bianca went on a destination double-date at the beach with Manny and Arthur. She also went to an amusement park with Alex and Dean. In episode four, she will meet the boys’ families.

And if you’re curious about The Baby Bachelor, it wrapped in 2013. Here’s one of the episodes.