Who Advanced on ‘American Ninja Warrior: Atlanta Qualifiers’ Tonight?

UPDATE – Contestants Who Will Advance to Regional Finals: Casey Suchocki, Rodolfo Burgos, Mike Chick, Neil Craver, Mack Roesch, Kenneth Niemitalo, Caleb Watson, James McGrath, Drew Drechsel, Bobby Bohannon, Chris Moore, Jonathan Ruiz, Jojo Bynum, Lucas Gomes, Alexio Gomes, Tyler Martin, Chris Boehm, Brett Sims, Justin Maina, Travis Rosen, Todd Bourgeois, Reko Rivera, Danny Adair, Yuri Force, Eddy Stewart, Jeff Harvey, Brent Ruffin, Joseph Greene II, Shawn Richardson, and Chad Hohn

Click through our gallery to check out some of the contestants who made it through tonight.

Casey Suchocki

Suchocki, a civil engineering student at the University of Alabama, is from a rural community in Alabama. He and his grandfather built an obstacle course that he trains on, which includes a cliff hanger, an unstable bridge, a flying bar, and floating doors. In an interview with The Montgomery Adviser, Suchocki discusses his passion for building and construction. "I want to build things for the rest of my life. I actually want to design obstacle courses and then construct them." (NBC)