Who Advanced on ‘American Ninja Warrior: LA Qualifiers’ Tonight?

UPDATE – Contestants Who Will Advance to Regional Finals: Kevin Bull, Flip Rodriguez, Chris Workman, Sean Bryan, Nicholas Coolridge, Gabe Hurtado, Justin Hillsten, Ryan Robinson, Liam Buell, Grant McCartney, Jessie Graff, Josh Levin, Nick Hanson, Brian Kretsch, Ben Melick, Ted Jung, Steve Seiver, Natalie Duran, Adam Rayl, Alan Connealy, Jackson Meyer, Jesse la Flair, Jesse Cargill, Jonathan Cunanan, Grey Kantor, Alex Smith, Ben Antoine, KC Halik, Scott Wilson.

Click through our gallery to check out some of the contestants who made it through tonight.

Josh Levin

According to his website, Josh Levin is currently pursuing a degree in Mechanical Engineering at Northeastern University. He has also interned at Apple and at the NASA Jet Propulsion Lab as a member of the Mars 2020 Rover group. Levin is one of USA Climbing's most decorated youth competitors-- he has 19 Championship Titles, and has set multiple US speed climbing records.