Emma Roberts & Christopher Hines: 5 Fast Facts You Need To Know

Emma Roberts, Christopher Hines, Nerve

Emma Roberts at the Nerve premiere. (Getty)

Emma Roberts’ new movie Nerve has just been released, and made $1.1 million on Tuesday night, an exciting development for the film. Though going up against steep competition, the film is hoping to capitalize on a young, female-skewed audience. Should that succeed, the film will be a hit, and Emma Roberts, in addition to being popular with teenagers, could see herself transitioning into a bonafide movie star.

With a major motion picture being released, focus on Roberts has inevitably turned to her personal life. For those interested, she is currently in a new relationship with Christopher Hines after some other public relationships. Should Nerve become a big box office hit, this relationship will be even more public.

Here’s what you need to know.

1. The Couple Was Confirmed Dating in Early June

Emma Roberts, Christopher Hines, Nerve

Roberts’ relationship is still very new. (Getty)

The discovery and subsequent confirmation of Roberts and Hines’ relationship is still very recent. They were first spotted by paparazzi in London as they walked arm in arm together. ET not only broke the news, but had a source that confirmed to them that the pair were, in fact, dating. Us Magazine, when talking to the source, quoted them as saying “Chris is one of the most understanding and laid-back guys… They’ve been dating for a little under a month.”

2. They Met Through a Mutual Friend, Fashion Designer Brit Smith of Elkin

Emma Roberts, Christopher Hines, Nerve

Roberts at the Teen Choice Awards. (Getty)

Very little is known about who exactly Hines is. What sources do say, however, is that the couple was paired off by a mutual friend, that being a fashion designer named Brit Smith. Smith, along with her sister Kara, created Elkin in Los Angeles, where they design women’s apparel. In 2014, Roberts modeled Elkin’s clothing for their catalogue. She’s very close with the sisters of Elkin, even appearing as a bridesmaid for Kara’s wedding.

3. They’ve Been Photographed By the Paparazzi Together in Los Angeles

Emma Roberts, Christopher Hines, Nerve

Roberts at 2016 San Diego Comic Con. (Getty)

As new as this relationship is, in the public it was inevitable for them to get spotted by paparazzi. And in the two months they’ve been publicly dated, they’ve been seen together. Multiple tabloids have spotted the pair going on a stroll together in West Hollywood. In addition, in late June Roberts was spotted at an art exhibit called Communion, where Hines was one of four artists being exhibited.

4. Roberts Had an On/Off Relationship With Evan Peters For 4 Years Before a Break-Up in May

Emma Roberts, Christopher Hines, Nerve, Evan Peters

Roberts and Peters. (Getty)

Before Hines, Roberts was in a famous public relationship with Evan Peters. Meeting at a dinner party, Roberts convinced Peters to audition for a movie she was about to shoot, Adult World. He got cast, and the two soon started dating. The two then appeared together in American Horror Story: Coven.

In December 2013, Roberts and Peters became engaged. However, in 2015 their relationship became an on and off affair. Their engagement was first called off in June of 2015. Six months later, they reconciled, spending New Year’s together. This was a short-lived reconciliation, however, and in May they broke it off again, seemingly for good.

5. Roberts Previously Dated Other Actors, Including Alex Pettyfer and Chord Overstreet

Emma Roberts, Christopher Hines, Nerve, Chord Overstreet

Roberts and Overstreet. (Getty)

Roberts, before Hines and even before Peters, dated several other guys in Hollywood. One of those was Alex Pettyfer, who she met on the set of the movie Wild Child. That didn’t last, but he told Female First that the two of them were still on good terms. Pettyfer has also appeared in films such as I Am Number Four and Magic Mike.

Another beau of Roberts, after Pettyfer, was Chord Overstreet, best known for his role of Sam Evans on Glee. The two of them, much like her and Peters, were on again and off again, before permanently ending things in 2012.