Who Is Emma Stone Dating?

In 2015, Emma Stone and her long-time boyfriend, Andrew Garfield, split up. A source told E! News that earlier that year, they decided to separate because of their demanding schedules. Despite the break, the source told E!, “There is definitely still love for each other there. They remain close and are on good terms.”

In September 2016, word circulated that Stone was dating Nina Dobrev’s ex-boyfriend, Austin Stowell. Sources close to the actors denied the claims. Ecumenical News wrote, “Stowell and Stone are currently working on the film ‘Battle of the Sexes’ and are strictly professional to each other.”

Despite the flurry of rumors, the question of whether or not Garfield and Stone were ever truly broken up has surfaced, and on July 11, the International Business Times reported that Stone and Garfield were spotted spending time together in Greece and Turkey. “The couple was sighted enjoying the scenery in Mugla, Turkey. They have also gone on a private cruise in the Aegean Sea. The yacht they have rented was believed to have cost around 475 thousand euros per week.”

Neither have confirmed if they’re together. In fact, when they reportedly split last year, they didn’t deny nor confirm the rumors. The IB Times writes, “… it is still unknown whether they broke up and reunited or if they decided to keep their relationship low-key. Both celebrities are known to be private about their dating and relationship stories.”

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