Is Jordan Rodgers Only On ‘The Bachelorette’ for Fame?

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Jordan Rodgers

IF YOU DO NOT WANT TO KNOW WHO THE WINNER IS REPORTED TO BE THIS SEASON, THEN STOP READING NOW. For Rodgers’ hometown date, he and JoJo Fletcher explored his childhood at Pleasant Valley High School. Rodgers is reported to be this season’s winner, according to Reality Steve, and Rodgers seems to have some dating skeletons in his closet. There are tons of rumors going around about him when it comes to online dating sites and having a possible relationship when filming began. Ouch. Click here for more details. (ABC/Rick Rowell)

Let’s just get started by saying that this article contains spoilers on who the reported winner on The Bachelorette 2016 is, so if you do not want to know, STOP READING.

Okay, now let’s get down to business. Jordan Rodgers has been reported by Reality Steve to be this season’s winner. In addition, there have been many allegations on and off the show, saying Rodgers is just on the show for “fame.” Here’s the facts we’ve collected on Rodgers, along with rumors and other reports. You be the judge. Do you think he’s on the show for the right reasons?

– A source wrote an email to Reality Steve that talked a lot of trash about Rodgers, explaining: He always talked about his ex, whom he dated for years, and talked about how he cheated. It was almost like he was proud of it. Whenever he talked about girls he dated, he always sounded sort of “braggy” … like he was trying to impress me with the fact that he clearly got around. There were so many red flags right from the start, but unfortunately, I ignored them all. The only reason why he’s doing this show is for the publicity. I honestly think he’s tired of living in his brother’s shadow. Hopefully one day, he will come to terms with all the girls he’s treated like dirt. Until then, he’s going to keep pretending to be someone he’s not on TV.

– On the show this season, JoJo Fletcher revealed she previously met an ex of Rodgers, who said that he may have cheated on her and wasn’t necessarily trustworthy.

– Another person emailed Reality Steve this message: Jordan wants to be a sports reporter so bad that he would do anything to chase the fame. He wanted to take the Jesse Palmer approach but unfortunately for Jordan, the closest he has ever been to a career in sports reporting was being with his ex who is a reporter on Fox.

– Rodgers’ fellow cast members have even talked about him to each other as well as JoJo, believing he may only be on the show for fame. Another cast member who has reportedly been on the show for the “wrong reasons,” is Robby Hayes, another front-runner.

– There’s a chance Rodgers was cheating on JoJo Fletcher as an email to Reality Steve reveals: He’s back at it on the dating app Raya. He matched with a mutual friend last Friday. Major eye roll. It WAS deactivated. But has since been reactivated. I’ve had several friends in the past week say they’ve seen him back in the rotation on Raya. It’s a small community so even if you have already seen someone (regardless of if you clicked yes or no) if they edit their profile they will pop up again. I don’t know if that means they broke up or he’s just a slime bag but there’s that.

– Before the show started, Rodgers’ dad gave an on-camera interview where he said his son doesn’t have a problem when it comes to the ladies. He also said that being on the show would be good for his son’s career.

Reality Steve reports that he received an email from a girl who says she was “talking” to Rodgers online and definitely felt he was “fame hungry.” Steve reports the email as stating: I can confirm 100% what you’re saying is the truth about Jordan being a “skirt chaser”, “player” etc. I met Jordan off a dating website, Raya, over November and we completely hit it off (as much as you can via text and FaceTime) he seemed SO fame hungry! He doesn’t really have an actual job, it seemed as if he was jumping around from “project to project”.

So, is Jordan Rodgers on the show for love … or for fame?


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Chad was the only real person on that show and he called it like it is. You met Jojo one night and the next day the other guys can how many ways they love Jojo, this show doesn’t care how fake it is, they are proud of it. Jojo and Jordan are both on that show looking for fame. She is looking for love like I want a leech stuck to my eyeball


JoJo just let the best guy go home:Alex!!
She must be so crazy falling for a cheater and liar: Jordan!!

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