Jordan Rodgers’ Family Feud With Brother Aaron

Jordan Rodgers and his family have a sore spot and Bachelorette JoJo Fletcher has definitely figured it out. Previously on the show, Rodgers revealed that he does not speak with his famous brother, pro athlete Aaron Rodgers. However, on the Hometown Dates this season, it is revealed that the entire family may have the same estranged relationship.

Previously, Rodgers implied that Aaron is responsible for the disconnect, saying that, unlike his brother, he chose to remain close with his family.

When it was announced that Rodgers would be joining The Bachelorette, his brother wasn’t even aware, according to Aaron’s longtime girlfriend, actress Olivia Munn. Check out the awkward moment she heard the news in the below video. Skip to the :52 mark to pick up right at Munn’s interview.

Prior to Jordan and brother Aaron not getting along, they posted several videos online working out together and seemed to be very close.

Both Jordan and Aaron seem to be finding success in their lives. In fact, just a week ago, Aaron picked up an ESPY award for Best Play. Check out his acceptance speech in the below clip.

On tonight’s episode of The Bachelorette, Luke Rodgers, Jordan’s other brother, echoes Jordan’s behavior when the subject of Aaron is brought up to him. The family would rather not discuss the subject at all.

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