Jordan Rodgers – ‘Is He Too Good To Be True’ on ‘The Bachelorette’

For Jordan Rodgers’ overnight date in Thailand on The Bachelorette, he and JoJo Fletcher go on a difficult hike together, but end up seeing some amazing sites. They go to a sacred temple together where Fletcher has to cover her shoulders and they are not allowed to kiss inside the temple.

While hanging out together, Rodgers talks about how happy he was to have Fletcher in his hometown. Fletcher then talks about her own family, saying that her father is protective of her while her mother is crazy, fun and very loving. She says her older brothers are also very protective and she says they know how difficult heartbreak has been for her in the past.

Rodgers admits his only reservations are when it comes to Fletcher’s father. He hopes that her father approves of him.

Fletcher tells the cameras that she worries Rodgers isn’t ready to commit to a serious future with her. She wonders if he is “too good to be true.”

Rodgers says that when he pictures his wedding day, he pictures her as his wife. Fletcher feels she’s gotten all the answers she needs and decides to give Rodgers an invitation to the fantasy suite.

The next morning, Rodgers tells the cameras that he and Fletcher took a giant step and it was “everything I needed.”