Kapture Audio-Recording Wristbands by Mike Sarow & Matthew Dooley

Kapture West Texas Investors Club


Tonight on West Texas Investors Club, Mike Sarow & Matthew Dooley of the company Kapture, present an audio-recording wristband device, which they had developed as a Kickstarter project. We all have cameras with us in our phones, but we don’t have audio-recorders with us, so that is what Kapture is hoping to bring in order to “capture” moments and memories. According to Cincinnati.com, the wristband is constantly recording sound and customers can push a button in order to capture the previous one minute of audio.

The recordings can be saved “at any time” and there are several colors available to mix and match. Previously Dooley and Sarow had success with their digital pinball machine company VPcabs on ABC’s Shark Tank, getting $200,000 from investor Daymond John.

The wristband is available for purchase on Amazon for $129.00 with free shipping and you can check it out by clicking here.

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Bluetooth transfer of the audio from wristbands to IOS is one of the features and the device is compatible with android smart phones. The audio can be sent wirelessly and put into text messages or social media. The device has a 60-sec audio buffer, can pick up sound within a 5-foot radius and has a battery that lasts up to 15 hours.

Kapture’s appearance on West Texas Investors Club airs tonight at 10 p.m. on CNBC.

You can purchase the device on Amazon as well as the company’s website. On the company website, the wristband is available in black and in white at a discounted price.

KAPTURE INTRO VIDEOKapture is an audio-recording wristband which allows you to save and share what was just said. View our introduction video to learn about how it works, why it is different, and some of the ways you might use a Kapture in your daily life. Enjoy.2013-11-25T17:08:11.000Z