Kim Liszka, ‘American Tarzan’: The Photos You Need to See

Kim Liszka

Kim Liszka is a 42-year-old Emergency Room nurse from Macungie, PA. As a kid, Kim was a tomboy and track and field star. She continued racing as she got older, and, according to Discovery's website, she was even named, "Second Fittest Female in the Nation". (Facebook/KimLiszka)



Houstonian Smith

Very disappointed with Kim’s performance in tonight’s episode. I mean really! If you ripped your fingertips off on a vine jump, why in the hell wouldn’t you wrap them up with something, b4 you attempted to climb another vine? Call me crazy but she purposely did it that way because she didn’t want to go on.


Where does the title come from being ” second fittest female in the nation”?

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