Little Soya Soy Sauce Closed Before ‘West Texas Investors Club’ Broadcast

Deleted Scene: Best Little Soy Sauce In Texas | West Texas Investors Club | CNBC Prime“All Kaptured on the Western Front": When Gil comes to pick up Gary Murphy, the founder of Little Soya, he gets asked an interesting question. Gary wants to know if there are any dos and don’ts for his upcoming meeting. “Yeah,” Gil says, “you don’t meet Rooster. You experience him.” » Subscribe to CNBC Prime:…2016-07-18T17:31:46.000Z

Tonight, Little Soya Soy Sauce is featured on the West Texas Investors Club as one of the products up for investing. Unfortunately, before the show even had a chance to air, the company has closed down. The website posted the following message to its customers, announcing the news:

Dear Little Soya client, chef, consumer, lover of LS and all fans of our beloved soy sauce,

We have closed our business.

We do not have any Little Soya inventory here in the US – and we have no plans for continuing our soy sauce brand. It is with a very heavy heart we must announce the following: As of March 31, 2016, we have officially closed our company.

I know this is not the news you were expecting nor hoping to hear, and we didn’t either. We tried, we did our best, we grew into 20 markets across the US, including Canada, Panama and Norway. However, even with our massive growth we were not able to continue our operations … I cannot express how deeply sorry I am to have to report this news to you. I cannot express how much me and my team of Bill, Mike, Claudia, Crystal, Jason and many others that have worked for us and supported us appreciate you and your love for our product.

This was a message from the Founder, President & CEO of Little Soya, Gary T. Murphy. Murphy was featured on the West Texas Investors Club with his Little Soya products.

Currently, Little Soya’s Amazon store still has a page, but the products are listed as unavailable.

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