Luke Pell Vs. Chase McNary: Who Should Be the Next ‘Bachelor’?

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(ABC/The Bachelorette)

UPDATE: Nick Viall is the official star of the next Bachelor 2017 season. Click here for the details.

Tonight is the Men’s Tell All Special on The Bachelorette 2016 with JoJo Fletcher coming face-to-face with the men she rejected throughout the season.

On last night’s episode of the show, Fletcher rejected two favorites – Chase McNary and Luke Pell. At the beginning of the episode, Pell was let go, which seemed to completely leave him blindsided and devastated.

Pell had pulled Fletcher aside in the middle of the rose ceremony to let her know that he was in love with her. This sent Fletcher into a tailspin, sobbing and confused. She ended up sending Pell home anyway, saying she hadn’t known his true feelings until that moment. Pell was almost speechless and apologized, which made Fletcher feel even worse. He then felt his words just came too late. This was the most emotional and heart-wrenching break up of the season.

As for Chase McNary, he went on his overnight date with Fletcher and she granted him an invitation to the fantasy suite with her. He accepted and the two headed into the suite after a fun and romantic day together. McNary used the opportunity to open up to Fletcher and finally tell her that he was in love with her. Upon hearing these words, Fletcher had an unexpected reaction. McNary’s saying the L-word” made Fletcher realize that she just did not feel the same strong feelings for him that she did for the other two remaining men.

McNary was crushed and instantly became angry. He said, “So I love you means ‘get the fuck out.” When he left the overnight date and got into a van, he sarcastically talked about the van being his fantasy suite and how the break up was basically taking down his pants and kicking him in the nuts … Ouch.

According to Reality Steve, Luke Pell is in the lead to become the next Bachelor star, which works for us since he’s our favorite this season.