‘MJ’ Mercedes Javid & Fiance Tommy Feight on ‘Shahs of Sunset’

MJ & Tommy Feight

MJ and Tommy Feight of Shahs of Sunset are engaged and getting married after a few rocky moments this season on the show. The couple had a small break on the show and MJ's mother Vida was less than thrilled about her daughter's relationship with Feight. MJ talked about her reaction to watching these tough times via her Instagram account, writing: Last week, Tommy & I were really going through it last week and it isn’t easy to watch. Every relationship goes through ups and downs but I’m learning how to check my ego at the door, and learn relationship tools to be a strong and better woman. Another issue the couple has dealt with is criticism from show viewers. MJ again took to Instagram to voice her opinions, standing up for her man. MJ explained: You don't have to put any money down on this, because it's not your bet. It's my life, my love, my choice to roll the dice on love. People will judge because they will judge. We have known one another for way longer than 5 episodes and Vida never even asked questions before she judged him. #Shocker. She is who she is, and bless her heart. For those who need more info than my Mom's judgmental opinion, he is smart, he is well read, extremely knowledgeable, and extremely intuitive. He has a great head for business and started one long before we met. You can look it up, since its a publicly traded company called Blow and Drive. I'm just letting ya'll know that I'm well aware of the fact that I'm on a reality show and people will scrutinize every action and every choice. I will speak my opinion on my own life & that of my friends. Don't expect me not to do that -ever.. I'm far from perfect and I hope Tommy is the one, but I don't need more than the fact that we have faith in heaven and the best of intentions. If we're not meant to last, so be it. I don't need more than that so if you really do, knock yourself out. That's right. MJ is not afraid to defend her man or her family. For more information on MJ and Tommy, plus their nuptials, click through our gallery of their best Instagram pics together. (Instagram/MercedesJavid)