Republican National Convention 2016 Celebrity Speakers

Republican Convention 2016 Celebrity Speakers

The Republican National Convention begins tonight and there are dozens of prominent figures lined up to appear as well as speak. In addition, there are several celebrities in the mix as speakers at the event. Some have expressed on social media that the celebrity choices are surprising, laughable or confusing. For example, when Scott Baio was recently announced as a speaker, Twitter was in an uproar. So, how did Baio get picked to speak? Baio revealed on FOX News that Trump personally asked him, explaining: I was at a fundraiser for Mr. Trump the other night with my wife and he invited me to speak at the convention, which was completely unexpected and out of left field. He had given a speech and he was walking out. I looked at him and said, 'Mr. Trump, Scott Baio,' and he goes, 'Oh my God,' and he said to me, 'Did you want to speak?' and I went, 'Here?' and he goes, 'No, no, no, at the convention.' For additional information on Baio's speaking at the event, as well as the other celebrity speakers, click through our gallery. (Twitter)