#Savemarinajoyce: Fans Share Concern About YouTuber Marina Joyce

Marina Joyce, 19, is a popular YouTuber with over 600,000 subscribers. Her fans have been worried about her safety and health over the past few weeks and it has led to the hashtag “#SaveMariaJoyce” trending on Twitter. They fear that she is in danger and might have called out for help in her latest video.

Check back here for updates on the situation. Here’s what we know so far.

1. Joyce Says Nothing Is Wrong

Joyce has insisted that she is OK and does not need help. “This is very sweet guys but im okay seriously <3 i love you all so much,” she wrote, including the hashtag.

A Twitter user named Beth, who was retweeted by Joyce, wrote that she talked with Joyce and that nothing was wrong.

In another message on Wednesday morning, Joyce again stressed that she is “very good.”

Enfield Police also said they checked in on Joyce.

2. Her Latest Video Appears to Include Someone Whispering ‘Help Me’

Joyce has been on YouTube for over four years and she has five videos with over 1 million views. She offers dating and make-up advice, answers fan questions and even models clothing for companies.

Her latest was an advertisement for a clothing company called Stylewe and was posted on July 22. A JustPaste.it post goes second-by-second through the video to find signs that something is wrong with her. Thirteen seconds in, someone can be heard whispering (very faintly) saying, “help me,” according to the post. It also appears to show bruises on her arms.

3. A Rifle Is Visible in Another Video

The JustPaste.it post also examines a July 8 video Joyce posted about makeup and seen below. The concern in this one is that she clearly has some kind of rifle leaning on her dresser behind her.

Beth tweeted that rifle was seen in a video Joyce posted in 2012.

4. Joyce Said in a July 15 Video That She Isn’t Changing

By July 15, there was already concerns that her behavior was changing and she responded in a video posted that day. She claimed that she wasn’t changing and the only reason she was getting dislikes was because she uploaded a “fake penis as a thumbnail.”

One fan posted a screenshot on Twitter that appears to show Joyce telling another fan that everything is not OK a week after denying something was wrong.

Another YouTuber made a video about how Joyce has changed. Other fans have also shared their concerns on her Instagram posts.

5. Joyce Said She Was Sexually Assaulted by YouTuber Sam Pepper

In 2014, Joyce revealed in a video that she was sexually assaulted by Sam Pepper the year before. The video was posted after a woman accused Pepper of rape in an interview with BuzzFeed. Joyce claimed it happened at the Warp Tour in the U.K.

For more on Joyce, click below.


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Good God I’m sooooo thankful to be a Gen Xer….. couldn’t imagine the psychopathy over what is clearly a junkys failed attempt at attention.
Sorry folks…. been an ER Doc for 18 years… the signs, symptoms, behaviours are obvious as hell.

Yes, she absolutely DOES need help…. in the form of rehab


This girl is high out her mind, the real question is what is she high on?

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