‘The Bachelorette’ 2016 Spoilers: Episode 7 – 7/11/16

After a small hiatus because of Independence Day, The Bachelorette returns tonight with a new episode. Six men remain in the running to become JoJo Fletcher’s future husband, with two facing elimination tonight. The official episode synopsis reads:

JoJo and the men visit the Argentinian countryside, where the first date gets off to a rocky start. Later, a private jet whisks JoJo and one lucky guy away to a vineyard. During dinner, the bachelor makes a shocking admission. A date with three suitors gets rained out, so JoJo spends the day with them ordering room service, pillow fighting and watching the Brazilian version of “The Bachelor.” A one-on-one date allows one man to showoff his horse-riding skills.

So, who get the solo dates tonight? Who’s sent home? And, who makes it to the final four? Get all the spoilers you need for tonight’s episode by reading on below.

One of the Solo Dates Gets Eliminated

Tonight, Alex Woytkiw gets the first solo date, followed by Jordan Rodgers receiving the other one. Alex and JoJo seem to be getting along well on their date with Alex opening up to her, but Reality Steve reports that Alex is sent home on his date.

Another guy who gets some alone time with JoJo is Luke Pell. The two enjoy some “cowboy” time, riding around on horses, which makes Luke feel right at home, like he’s back at his family’s ranch.

Jordan Rodgers also gets some time with JoJo, taking a private jet to a vineyard for a date. Jordan is supposed to make a “big admission” to JoJo, which is actually that he doesn’t talk to his famous brother Aaron.

ABC reports:

JoJo and Jordan wing their way to a romantic rendezvous at an Argentinian vineyard. However, his shocking admission to his potential soulmate might be a game changer for JoJo.

Contestant Robby May Not Be Trustworthy

When bad weather affects a group date, contestants Robby, James and Chase hang out in a hotel room for the day with JoJo. They order room service, good around and play Truth or Dare. JoJo ends up daring Robby to strip and run up and down the hallway, so, of course he does it … and then he gets locked out of the room. Check out the clip above.

Though the day is filled with fun and hi-jinks, JoJo also has some serious moments. She sits down with Robby and wonders how trustworthy he is, questioning him about his past. ABC states:

Tension runs rampant as JoJo needs to confront Robby about his past relationships. Will she be able to trust him, or will it derail their future together?

Recently, there have been tabloid reports made by former cast members Jade (Roper) and Tanner Tolbert, that one of this season’s Bachelorette boys propositioned them to promote him on social media. They said in a tweet that the contestant even offered to pay them. Reality Steve has reported that Robby is the mystery contestant in this situation. Do you think Robby is a good guy?

The Final Four Contestants Are …

"These are my boyfriends. All of them." -JoJo #TheBachelorette

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So, we know that Alex has been eliminated, which means that Chase, Robby, Jordan, Luke and James remain. Reality Steve reports that James Taylor is eliminated, so you’re final four this season are Jordan, Robby, Chase and Luke.

For more Bachelorette news:

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