‘The Bachelorette’ 2016 Spoilers: Episode 8 – 7/18/16

Tonight is the hometown dates episode with the final four vying for JoJo Fletcher’s heart on The Bachelorette 2016. Exes seeking revenge, brotherly feuds, and inquisitive family members make Fletcher’s decision-making extra difficult, but she still manages to eliminate one more man on the show. This brings us one step closer to the finale as well as the premiere of Bachelor in Paradise, which is set for August 2, 2016.

But, let’s focus on tonight’s episode. The official synopsis of tonight’s episode reads:

JoJo goes on hometown dates with the four remaining bachelors. First, she visits a family who has been affected by divorce. Next, she visits a suitor’s high school and learns he’s not as confident as he seems. Gossip surrounds one guy; and one bachelor takes her to an old-fashioned barbecue. At the rose ceremony, JoJo is blindsided by a surprise confession from one of the men.

What could the big reveal be tonight? Read on for the spoilers that we know and what to expect on the show tonight.

Robby Hayes’ Ex-Girlfriend Stirs Up Problems for Hayes

On tonight’s episode of The Bachelorette, Robby Hayes’ mother reveals to him that his ex-girlfriend Hope Higgenbotham’s roommate “Alex” has been “spreading rumors” about Hayes. The report is that Hayes left his girlfriend of four years to be a contestant on The Bachelorette, but the Inquistr states Hayes claimed they broke up four months prior to taping the show.

Hayes doesn’t have the best track record. According to Radar Online, Hayes was arrested and charged with a DUI in 2012. In addition, Jade (Roper) Tanner recently reported a Bachelorette contestant from this season tried to pay her to promote him on social media. Reality Steve reports the identity of this person to be Hayes. There were reports Hayes also tried to pay former cast member JJ Lane to promote him on Instagram.

One of the Fan-Favorite Contestants Goes Home

JoJo Fletcher says that she had amazing week and is so connected to each guy on the show, but she still had to send someone home. ABC reports that JoJo gets blindsided by one of the guys at the rose ceremony and, in a preview of the episode, we see Luke Pell ask to speak to her in private. Originally, Reality Steve reported that Chase McNary was eliminated on this episode, but the report later changed to Pell. Pell’s interruption was simply to tell JoJo Fletcher that he was in love with her. This sends JoJo Fletcher into a panic and she doesn’t know who to eliminate. The elimination is moved to next week …

Light Is Shed on Jordan Rodgers’ Feud With His Brother

It appears that living in his brother’s shadow may have been difficult for Jordan Rodgers in the past, according to reports. Aaron Rodgers has become a successful pro athlete and recently won at the ESPY Awards. Jordan Rodgers is not keen on discussing their strained relationship, but Jordan’s other brother Luke sheds some light on the feud for JoJo tonight.

When Jordan first explained his relationship with Aaron, he pretty much put the blame on Aaron, saying that he is more family-oriented. Entertainment Tonight has revealed that Aaron has actually been estranged from the entire family for years. It’s apparently a source of pain for the family.

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