‘The Bachelorette’ 2016 Men’s Tell All Episode Spoilers

The Men’s Tell All episode for the 2016 Bachelorette season airs tonight and we’ve got all the best spoilers on what to expect. The official synopsis of tonight’s special reads:

JoJo and 18 of the most memorable men from the season return to discuss their experiences, including the controversial Chad. Also: a sneak peek at Bachelor In Paradise 3, a look at lighthearted bloopers; and a peek at the end to JoJo’s emotional journey.

For all the details on what to expect on tonight’s Men’s Tell All, read on below.

Chad Johnson Bad-Mouths the Final Two Guys


Chad Johnson is back in action and he does not sit with the other contestants, for safety reasons. Chad and the others did not get along and, on the show, Chad tended to have an unpredictable way about it. Each of the contestants seize the opportunity to confront Chad again since the show has ended. As for what Chad had to say, he took the opportunity to bash others, including the final two guys. People reports Chad telling JoJo:

Everyone else knows that Robby [Hayes] broke up with his girlfriend days before filming in order to be on the show with you. And we both know that Jordan [Rodgers] is a liar, cheater, whose own older brother won’t talk to him.

JoJo is visibly irritated.

By the way, some of the others who may be a bit annoyed include Grant Kemp. Johnson has been making the rounds, hanging out with the ex-girlfriends of several contestants. Check out Johnson’s Instagram pic with Kemp’s ex below.


Stay tuned for more of Chad on season 3 of Bachelor In Paradise.

Alex Woytkiw Comes Under Fire as an Unexpected Villain

Viewers cheered when contestant Alex Woytkiw stood up to villain Chad and wasn’t afraid to confront him on several occasions. And, when Alex beat Chad in the two-on-one date, the other cast members were ecstatic. Unfortunately, not everyone felt that Alex was such a great guy on the show. Reality Steve reports that:

Alex is attacked for the way he acted this season. Nick Benvenutti particularly attacks him basically saying if Chad wasn’t on the show, Alex would’ve been the villain. And Alex doesn’t like being attacked as we know, so there’s a little drama there with guys calling him out.

Vinny Ventiera’s Mother Makes an Appearance

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You may or may not remember contestant Vinny Ventiera this season. He did not play a significant role in JoJo’s journey this season, so that’s probably why you’re scratching your head right now. According to Reality Steve, Vinny’s mother is in the audience at the Men’s Tell All and she speaks out, basically saying that JoJo missed out on her son, who she deems to be amazing.

Luke and Chase Return for Closure

Luke Pell and Chase McNary both appeared blindsided on last night’s episode when they were each rejected by JoJo. Luke was let go at the beginning of the episode, following a cliffhanging rose ceremony from last week. An adorable Luke realized his saying “I love you” to JoJo was “too little, too late.” No worries, though, because the rumor is that he’s the front-runner for the next Bachelor.

As for Chase McNary, he confessed his love to JoJo in the fantasy suite and his opening up to her made her realize that she didn’t feel the same way for him. He immediately became angry and the two parted ways. He later apologized for his first reaction.

Tonight, both men return for closure though they’ve each probably moved on from their break ups. Chase, again, asks JoJo why she didn’t just break up with him at dinner rather than lead him on with an invitation to the fantasy suite. Luke, on the other hand, talks to JoJo about how he thought she knew how he felt.

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