‘The Night Of’: Episode 3 Spoilers

Tonight marks episode 3 of the new HBO series, The Night Of, where Naz will spend his first night in prison at Rikers Island. And while some may argue the show is moving too slowly after just two episodes, the amount of time the writers have spent dissecting each character suggests that every last morsel of information may have a significant affect on Naz’s outcome, whatever it may be. But will our protagonist even make it past night one at Rikers?

Read on, but beware of spoilers.

Tonight’s episode is titled A Dark Crate, which may be a reference to the Rikers Island cell Naz will be staying in. It could also refer to the cell of a suspected new character who wants to speak to Naz– whether it’s to harm or help him, we do not yet know.

Last week’s episode, Subtle Beast, proved that no one involved in this case really cares whether or not Naz committed the crime; everyone is motivated by their own past or the hope for a specific outcome. Detective Box played a large role in last week’s episode; after all, the title of the show was a reference to the nickname Stone gave him. And what we learned about Box was that he’s good at his job. Every move he makes is calculated, and he’ll go to whatever lengths necessary to get what he wants.

We also gained some insight into the life of attorney John Stone, who it seems may have some ulterior motives when it comes to Naz’s trial. Box suggested that Stone may be motivated by money, and this is proven in a scene of him bragging to other officers about landing the case.

On tonight’s episode, Naz will walk through a line of cells, and other prisoners at Rikers Island will scrutinize their new inmate. Perhaps the biggest reveal in tonight’s episode will be the entrance of a new character. In previews for this week, a prison guard approaches Naz saying someone wants to speak with him. The camera then pans to an open cell door.

Naz will, again, be asked a series of questions pertaining to ‘that night’, but he will say that he had nothing to do with Andrea’s death. While all this is unfolding, Box will continue his keen and detailed investigation of the case. We’re still not sure where Box stands when it comes Naz’s innocence, but by now, we know he’s the kind of man who won’t let his opinion taint the outcome his job requires him to arrive at.

Tune in tonight, at 9pm ET/PT, to find out what Naz’s fate holds.

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