WATCH: Paul Simon Sings ‘Bridge Over Troubled Water’ at DNC

Watch Paul Simon perform at the 2016 Democratic National Convention2016-07-26T01:35:43.000Z

Paul Simon, 74, performed at the Democratic National Convention on Monday night, following Sarah Silverman’s speech alongside Minnesota Senator Al Franken. Simon sang the Simon & Garfunkel classic “Bridge Over Troubled Water,” which Art Garfunkel famously sang on the original recording.

Another Simon & Garfunkel song was heard later in the night, as “America” was used in the video to introduce Bernie Sanders. The video was very similar to a campaign ad Sanders used, but with an image of Clinton and Sanders together at the end.

Simon’s performance was mocked by some on Twitter though. It was a bit ironic that he was brought on stage to sing about unity when Simon and Garfunkel themselves are hardly unified. They don’t perform together and Garfunkel famously told the Telegraph last year that he “created a monster.”

Simon wasn’t the only musical performer on the night. During a section on addiction, Demi Lovato performed “Confident.” Lovato has struggled with addiction herself.

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