Who Gets Evicted Tonight on ‘Big Brother 18’? 7/21/2016

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Tiffany Rousso, Natalie Negrotti, and Da’Vonne Rogers were up on the block tonight, but who got evicted from the Big Brother 18 house?

Corey Brooks was able to save himself by winning the Power of Veto and Da’Vonne was put in his place. The houseguest would love to send Tiffany Rousso home, but will they be able to send her packing?

Each of the girls pleaded their cases before the votes, but the person who was sent home was … Tiffany.

Tomorrow night airs a special episode of Big Brother called “Battle Back.” Cast-offs from the show fight for a second chance at competing on the show. Who do you think will make it back into the house?

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