Willie Robertson & Wife Korie Robertson of ‘Duck Dynasty’

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Willie Robertson

Willie Robertson is the first speaker of night one at the 2016 Republican Convention. You may know him as the husband of wife Korie on Duck Dynasty and for some of his family members’ conservative views. With a net worth of $20 million, Robertson has made himself a successful career. He is speaking about gun laws and how they will not stop violence. Robertson told The NewsStar that: Unfortunately, men are going to find ways to commit evil acts, whether it’s with a truck in Nice or a pressure cooker in Boston. Robertson has a family of six and grew up shooting guns.

In his speech at the Republican Convention, Robertson talked about his family always says a prayer at the table, so he decided to open with a prayer. He then made fun of all the mistakes the media makes and how some people have “missed the Trump train.” He went on to talk about growing up with rednecks and the loyalty of his family. Robertson compared this loyalty to Trump, saying he’s a man who will “have your back.”

Recently, Robertson and his wife celebrated their anniversary on the show.

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