Zachary Quinto & Miles McMillan: The Pictures You Need To See

Star Trek Beyond hits theaters this weekend, a star-studded affair that many are expecting to be a massive box office success, similar to the first two movies in the reboot of the Star Trek franchise. One of the main stars of the film is Zachary Quinto, who plays the iconic character Spock. Quinto had been a successful working actor in television for several years when he was announced as the new Spock, but it was the Star Trek series of films that brought his career into another stratosphere of fame.

During this impressive ascent, Quinto also came out as gay and has been spotted out and about with several notable men. But his longest relationship in the public, going on for several years now, has been with model Miles McMillan. Quinto, 39, currently lives with McMillan, 27. They are consistently flirty and affectionate not only in public, but on their social media accounts. They've been an important, visible famous gay couple. (Getty)

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