‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Spoilers 2016 – Episodes 4 & 5

Tonight is another episode of Bachelor In Paradise for season 3 and we’ve got all the spoilers we could gather for this week’s episode 4 and 5. So, if you do NOT want to know any spoilers, you have come to the wrong place.

The official BIP3 synopsis for tonight’s show reads:

A newly single bachelor makes a desperate plea for the heart of a taken woman; the unattached guys try to bring their A-game to the cocktail party so they won’t be sent home … Heading into the second rose ceremony, a Paradise vet remains caught in a love triangle, torn between the “perfect on paper” bachelor with a heart of gold and the more mysterious one. Another undecided bachelorette is questioning whether a new connection is worth exploring, or if she should save a friend who deserves a chance to find love. And a newly single bachelorette contemplates her options.

During the cocktail party, a rejected bachelor makes a point to warn his former love interest that the man she is dating might not be who she thinks he is. This once confident bachelorette takes the warning to heart and is left confused, concerned and doubting her relationship heading into the rose ceremony. The rose ceremony comes to a close, and while some bachelors are left feeling confident and some are feeling hopeful, ultimately two smitten bachelors are shocked to find out that their feelings were one-sided, and are sent home.

Waking up the morning after the rose ceremony, it is clear that Paradise is working and love is in the air, as our couples continue to develop their relationships … In a Paradise first, a double-date card arrives and two party-loving, tequila-shooting couples head out for a wild night on the town. But will this fun-loving foursome prove to be too much for Mexico to handle? Meanwhile, two unattached bachelorettes take matters into their own hands and arrange a double date of their own with two potential suitors. But things take a shocking turn when one overly excited bachelor goes to extreme measures to win back his former fling, and his desperate actions bring both his crush and the medics rushing to his bedside!

The bachelorette girls who show up this week include Ashley Iaconetti, Caila Quinn, and Jen Saviano. Caila Quinn catches the eye of several bachelors on the scene, but she ends up asking fan and cast-favorite Jared Haibon out on a date where they enjoy the beach and ride horses together. Both Brandon Andreen and Christian Bishop are sent home, as is the sweet Sarah Herron this week. Ashley Iaconetti is also discarded this week, but asks for a second chance to stay and she is granted this wish, according to Reality Steve, who reports:

Ashley leaves after not getting a rose, but then comes back about 30 minutes later asking for a second chance, and it’s given to her because, well, they didn’t bring Ashley I. on this show to appear in one episode.

Because Ashley Iaconetti has had an emotional and passionate crush on Haibon and definitely made it known on last season’s BIP, this season she has a sit-down with him to discuss their future. And, of course there are tears … her tears. Haibon talks about wanting to get to know Caila Quinn better and they settle on becoming just friends. Don’t worry though. Iaconetti ends up finding some romance this season with Wells Adams from JoJo Fletcher’s season of The Bachelorette. Adams has not yet made his appearance on BIP3 just yet.

When Caila Quinn arrives in Paradise, some of the other girls get on edge at first and ABC states:

The peaceful atmosphere is quickly shattered when a gorgeous, well-known, and totally unexpected bachelorette arrives in Paradise with a date card. When she asks out a popular bachelor, he is thrilled to accept, which leaves his recent love-connection back at the house, stunned and unsure about their future. Not letting the drama back at the house set the tone for their date, the new couple sets off to enjoy a picturesque date horseback riding along the beach – complete with stunning views, gorgeous sunsets and plenty of romance!

As for what’s going on with the Nick Viall, Josh Murray and Amanda Stanton love triangle, Stanton is warned by Evan Bass about Murray possibly having a bit of a dark side in terms of his past relationship with Andi Dorfman. Stanton becomes concerned, but her affections for Murray carry on regardless of this hiccup. Viall doesn’t pine over Stanton for too much longer this season and he ends up hitting it off with Jen Saviano, who comes aboard soon.

When it comes to Episode 5, which airs tomorrow night before the after show After Paradise, the official episode synopsis states:

The story picks up as our remaining cast members are shocked to see that an infamous drama queen has arrived in Paradise! This determined bachelorette is ready to find love and put the drama, her ex and the tears behind her for good! But the best laid plans often go awry, and, as she walks into paradise, she is confronted with her worst nightmare: her ex has met someone else, and she will have to watch from the sidelines as he finds love with another woman.

Having run out of options this teary-eyed bachelorette invites the free-spirited bachelor to join her on the date, but as the duo departs, a storm rolls into Paradise, leaving the remaining cast members on edge, fearing that the storm is an omen of the inevitable drama to come. The new pair are both surprised to find themselves enjoying a dinner filled laughs and easy conversation, but just as they start to connect, a tribe of Aztec warriors dances in and takes this virgin bachelorette off to the sacrificial alter, leaving our lonely bachelor to finish his dinner alone.

Back at the house, Paradise’s most unorthodox couple have an equally unorthodox date, a day at a Mexican hospital ordered by the house doctor, and it is clear their feelings have deepened, leaving this optimistic bachelor more hopeful than ever heading into the cocktail party. And it looks like his elaborate medical-themed plot has worked, and he is shocked to hear his crush finally admit she has feelings for him, and they share a passionate kiss! A show-stopping bachelorette arrives in Paradise and makes some bachelorettes nervous. But she delights one long-time “Bachelor” fan-favorite, who is instantly smitten, and when she asks him out on a date, the two head off for a sexy and luxurious day filled with yachts, private beaches and plenty of chemistry. But will some unwelcome guests ruin their picture perfect date?

Heading into the rose ceremony, one bachelor finds himself at the center of all the drama and worries that the arrival of his possessive ex and all of their baggage could be too much for his new relationship to take, and to make matters worse, his concerns grow as rumors about his lady start to spread through Paradise, leading him to confront her at the cocktail party. But just when it seems the two have put the past to bed and are ready to move on, the ex-in-question steals him away, and the two have a heated conversation that pushes our now fed-up bachelor to threaten to leave Paradise just moments before the rose ceremony.

We have seen promo clips of Evan Bass needing medical attention. Clearly, his going after Amanda Stanton doesn’t work and Carly Waddell is not reciprocating his affections. However, based on the above synopsis as well as Reality Steve’s report that Waddell and Bass end up engaged at the end of the season, we’re guessing that Waddell may come around to the thought of dating Bass.




Cala Quinn probably the most unlikeable person on the bachelor shows. She sure isn’t a girls girl that’s for sure. I don’t think she is pretty at all with her big putty nose and horse teeth. Just didn’t get Jarred’s obsession. She is fake and annoying!

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