Did Tom D’Agostino Cheat On Luann De Lesseps & With Who?

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Tom D’Agostino is the fiance of Luann De Lesseps and their quickly budding relationship has been followed on this season’s Real Housewives of New York City. De Lesseps has gotten a lot of heat for their relationship as D’Agostino previously dated and fooled around with De Lesseps co-stars Ramona Singer and Sonja Morgan. De Lesseps’ co-stars seemed to believe D’Agostino was a ladies’ man, but De Lesseps was happier than some of them had ever seen her.

While celebrating her engagement to D’Agostino, De Lesseps and the girls hung out on a yacht in the Palm Beach area, but cast member Bethenny Frankel had bad news as she ventured over from visiting a friend near Miami. She seemed to have gotten texts that involved D’Agostino cheating on De Lesseps. So, what were these text messages that Frankel got to her phone at 2:30 a.m. ET? An insider tells Radar:

Bethenny told everyone that she got a video of Tom kissing another woman behind LuAnn’s back. LuAnn was shocked and heartbroken, but she decided to stay with him.

The cheating allegedly happened at the Regency Hotel in New York City.

So, is this true?

Tom D’Agostino confirmed to Radar Online that he and De Lesseps have had bumps in the road, but have moved on to fix the relationship. D’Agostino explained:

With any relationship, there are always bumps in the road. We had one misunderstanding that led to actions that I deeply regret. What is important, is that we were able to work through it and we are stronger than ever.

And so, the couple’s wedding is very much “on” and is scheduled to take place on New Year’s Eve in Palm Beach, Florida.

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